seattle travel guide + best places in the city

if you didn’t already know, i live near seattle! it’s such a beautiful city and i know a lot of people travel here and since i live here i thought i’d share where me and my friends love to go. i absolutely love seattle and i feel so lucky to live here, it’s beautiful!

1. university village

my best friend and i have gone here a few times because it’s probably my favorite place in seattle! they have really nice stores and shops and they have the only brandy melville i’ve ever found in washington which is super cool. i really recommend going here in the holiday season especially cause it’s really festive then! another favorite place here is the restoration hardware because it’s super aesthetic and i love taking instagram photos there, i have a bunch of pics on my instagram from there. it’s also home to my favorite restaurant, veggie grill, which is delicious and all vegan and everything on their menu is bomb and a 10/10 from me!!

2. walking around the city in general

literally all the downtown streets here are so aesthetic and great to just walk around in and take photos in! i love the city aesthetic and all the building, here’s some of my favorite streets especially:

  • first avenue
  • broadway
  • alaskan way
  • pine street
  • 5th avenue
  • madison street

3. pike place market

i went here for my birthday last year and i definitely plan to go for my birthday this year cause it’s so pretty! i also love all the little streets and shops there. they have a bunch of pretty flower shops and walking around it is so pretty and i love the vibe. they also have this cafe called rachel’s ginger beer which is super aesthetic and yummy and no it’s not beer lolz

4. alki beach

if i could i would genuinely move and live in alki beach sometime!! it’s soo pretty and has great vibes there. they also have the place called el chupacabra which is this amazing vegan mexican restaurant which is so bomb!! this and veggie grill are my favorite restaurants i’ve ever been to. the beach at alki is really nice, especially the boardwalk too. if you’re here and have a bike, bring it cause you can ride it right by the beach!

5. the great wheel

the great wheel is pretty well known so i bet you’ve heard of it if you know seattle at all. the view from the wheel is just beautiful and you can see the whole water and the whole city! we went here for my birthday and it was my first time and it goes up super high and it’s really fun.

6. queen anne + pressed juice

my and anise also went here recently and queen anne is such a cute fancy neighborhood! there’s also a park up there called key park and you can see the whole skyline including the space needle. there’s also a pressed juice in queen anne and it’s delicious! they have the freezes which are soo good, especially the matcha one anise got. they also have wellness shots and literally if you’re sick and you take one you will feel so much better like it’s crazy!

i hope you enjoyed this post and check out these spots if you’re ever in seattle!

xoxxo carly

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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  1. Anise says:

    ur cute and ily. Great blog post <33

    1. awh ty best friend i love u more

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