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Dude this was a exciting week. No but really I got a freaking corgi puppy (Max & I love him), had 2 school volleyball games and spirit week!! I love posts like this because it really gives you a look into my life, I spent a fair amount of time at school. Basically I just took some photos each day of what I did and compiled them! Some (more than I thought) were me trying to take a quick photo without the teacher noticing and others were with a dslr and slightly more thought out ideas.


This morning I just did the basic morning stuff, breakfast, skincare + brush teeth, quick makeup, make a FRESH messy bun, pack a lunch and that’s about it. OH and… I posted my Instagram book box giveaway!! It ends the day after I’m posting this so I’m so sorry you won’t still be able to enter, I’ve been busy with lots of homework. Monday wasn’t too bad, just like average lol.

After school I went into “blogger mode”. In the few hours before I had to leave for volleyball I read blogs, took new photos, edited new photos and brainstormed some more blog post ideas!! Then I needed to leave for volleyball, I walk to school and home so volleyball was no different. We just had practice today and it was good! We mostly worked on blocking and serving which was a good time. I’ve been working on doing my first two steps of my jump serve to the side to accommodate schools with small serving spaces. After practice I came home and took a nice shower.

After my amazing fabulous incredibly beautiful shower, I did homework, “yay”… Sounds weird but I actually don’t hate homework, like when I know how to do it I actually enjoy doing it! I just had Cornell notes for honors history so I spent an hour or two doing that. This also may seem weird but I can’t focus on my homework without Netflix!! Especially if it’s busy work it can help me enjoy what I’m doing more.

After homework I went downstairs for dinner, my mom was cooking tonight. I believe she made spaghetti but I can’t remember for sure lol! Before bed I finished my blogging filled day by typing my peachy grwm post. I literally watched Netflix this whole afternoon that’s so concerning lol, but yup, I watched Netflix while typing this post too! I took a little break while typing this to do the basic bathroom stuff of wash your face, brush your teeth, use the bathroom, etc.


Tuesday morning was a really chill one because I didn’t really um feel like getting ready! I don’t recommend this cause I was definitely late to class this day… But let’s ignore that and go on with what I did this morning. I just listened to music and made breakfast and my lunch. For my breakfast I made (almond milk) yogurt, fresh berries, granola & chia seeds! For my lunch, I packed a salad, some popcorn, almonds/cashews & a granola bar for snack.

School today was good with the exception of being like v late… The spirit day for today was Denim Day, so I went for some double denim. I wore a pair of super ripped mom jeans, a t-shirt and a jean jacket. There’s not too much to say about it, it’s just school but yeahh :))

Before my volleyball game I took some extra time to work on my journal! Here’s a bit of a sneak peek at what my journal looks like. I have a full post coming next week all about my journal because I love this thing! My friend from my team also came over for a bit before my game, so we just ate a snack too before it was time to go.

Then around 3:30 it was time to get ready for my game. This includes braiding or putting up my hair, changing and packing my bag. My game-day duffel bag essentials include: volleyball shoes, knee pads, ankle braces, waterbottle, extra socks, backup jersey (incase we need to change), athletic tape & sometimes food depending on if I’m getting picked up or taking the bus back later.

I got home from our match around 9, after watching varsity’s match . Our game went really well and it was a close match. This was our second match of the season and I’d say I played relatively good since I was already sick from school lol. Since I felt myself getting a cold and was coughing a bunch during my game, I took a nice bath that night!


Today’s spirit day was my favorite!! I chose a flowered red dress from Zaful, the same jean jacket and the best part, a lei. I also had a fanny pack I borrowed from my friend and socks with sandals! Very iconic of me but hey I like spirit week.

Instead of walking home like usual, my mom picked me and we went to Starbucks and Bartells (like CVS, but in Washington). I’ve recently become completely obsessed with the Pink Drink at Starbucks, how basic of me… But it’s really really good!! I need to find a good fall drink though because it’s definitely September now. At Bartells I just bought dark chocolate, iced tea, granola bars and Cetaphil. I’ve been doing a new skincare routine from my Dermatologist by simply using this, moisturizer and the Adapalene cream she prescribed me for acne.

Now here’s where things get confusing lol, my mom and I came home to get my sisters off the bus and then my cousin came to babysit the younger one and my middle sister + mom left to go pick up… our puppy!! I went to volleyball practice soon after which was why I couldn’t go with them. Then I got back to an empty house because my other sister and dad were at swim so I started cooking dinner. Then just around the time I finished cooking my dad and I dinner they were home!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… he’s here!! Meet Max!! He’s a 8-week old corgi puppy and he likes naps, tug of war, toes & nike slides ;)) Since my mom had to drive very far to get him, he came home around 10pm. He’s literally the cutest thing ever.


When I took Max out Thursday morning He seemed to be more into sitting in the grass than like actually going to the bathroom. He reminded me of an Easter bunny here, not too sure why other than the grass lol. I was playing with and ended up being still at home 10 minutes before school starts so another day of sprinting to school BUT this time I made it in time! Love that for me ;))

The actual at-school part of this is getting really boring and repetitive but it’s just another day at school. Today during our study hall, we went to the theater to vote for our class of 2022 president, vice & secretary. Since it was game day, I wore my zip-up volleyball jacket, a t-shirt and flowy patterned pants (from Tillys) but the spirit day was “Jazzercise” but I forgot since I was running really late :/

Okay so I basically died of cuteness, so I walk home and I ring the doorbell and my mom and Max come to let me in. He’s so excited to see me and it’s just the cutest thing ever!! I carried him up to my room after taking him outside to go potty. Then we did a little mini photoshoot because puppy photos are the cutest. If you can’t tell he’s my photoshoot buddie cause he was having a good time! I was literally so sad to leave Max earlier for school and then when I had to go almost right away to go back to school and get on the bus to my game!

After I walked back to school to get on the bus we just waited because the bus was a bit late. Then we got on our bus and started off the long bus ride to the school we were playing today! I forgot my earbuds for the bus which kinda sucked so I just talked to my friends the whole time. I played probably one of my best personal games ever which I was proud of!! Then we watched varsity again and we all piled back into the bus and started back home. The bus ride was only a little over an hour because there was no traffic, what a difference!


I spent a little longer making breakfast this morning so I made a smoothie bowl!! I forgot to take a photo but it looked just like this one I made over the summer. I’ve MASTERED “getting ready” in 10 minutes which leaves me almost the whole morning for making food and playing with Max!

Today we had a spirit assembly so we were on assembly schedule meaning I finally got to have lunch with my best friend!! So yeah lunch was really great cause we got to catch up since we’ve both been really busy. After all our (shortened) classes, we had a spirit assembly. They had a bunch of black lights everywhere so we were all glowing (because today was whiteout/neon colors day) and it was actually pretty fun!! There was also a football game tonight that I thought about going to but decided to go to the one next week instead because I was just really tired lol.

max just taking a snooze. mood.

I did some more extra journaling today! I try and journal everyday but I don’t always get around to it. Some days I’ll do extra like Friday and I’ll start new pages or new prompts. I love to put on some music or Netflix and just journal away. A post will definitely be coming next week that’s all about my journal (w/ better quality photos!!). I also love journaling by the window at sunset so tonight I watched the sunset as I journaled.

I’ve been trying to improve and practice photography more and more since getting my DSLR camera (Canon T6 aka my baby)! So I got this book at the library called “Read This if You Want to Take Great Photos” and heck yeah I do!! This book has lots of good information about getting to know the settings of a camera so much better along with some good practice photo ideas I’ve been testing out. I also drank some lavender tea while reading just to help me out with getting a good nights sleep because this wasn’t exactly a lit night ;))

So yeah, that’s just an average week in my life + getting a puppy! Hopefully this wasn’t too boring but hey, that’s just a school week for you lol

loveee, carlyy <3

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  2. Jamie Driscoll says:

    Loved this post hun! Max is bloody adorable xx

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    1. thank you so much!! hahah i definitely agree 🙂

  3. Kirithika says:

    This was oddly satisfying to read! Also MAX OMG, what a good pupper

    1. ooo yay!! thanks!! OMG I LOVE HIMM

  4. Congrats on your new puppy!! Max is adorable!! I have a corgi too and they’re such great dogs:)

    1. omg that’s so cool!! thank you <33

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