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i did a post like this a few months ago when school first started school and i loved it so i wanted to do another one since my schedule is super different now. basically this was just a pretty average week with school, work, volleyball, friends/fun and more! these posts are so great because they just are really real and show more of what my life is really like in a week.


i started off my week by getting ready for school, here’s a little ootd in my ratchet school bathroom! i’m wearing a lavender fila sweatshirt, black leggings and a jean jacket. but yeah so i just did the everyday school stuff and work before leaving at 1!

after i got home, i played with max and watched netflix with him. then i went back to school to pick up my friend amy! then we both played with max some more. we also took him for a walk cause he’s adorable.

then, my friend and i went to a coffee shop together and we did some studying. i practiced my french presentation a bunch and then also just talked and drank our lattes lol! afterwards i went home and cleaned up and went to bed.


now for tuesday, i just got ready and since i cleared my acne i don’t really wear any makeup to school. so to get ready i just pick an outfit, do something with my hair and eat breakfast! for my outfit, i wore my sherpa jacket from garage, nike leggings and this green button up. but yeah i just did school like school goes lol.

after school i just went home and ate lunch since i get home at 1pm. as for tuesday, after school i just went to volleyball practice, did my homework, texted people , etc. i also worked for a while on a lil blogging type project that will be coming soon so get so excited because it’s going to be so fun!! but yeah after doing all that it just went to bed.


as for wednesday, i just got ready and went to school like normal! here’s my outfit of the day, i wore my yellow “honey” sweatshirt from brandy melville, my hollister jeans and my yellow checkered vans. then once school was over, i just walked home like normal!

when i got home, i did a little photoshoot with max and out with my mom to take some photos for my blog! after my little photoshoot, i worked on saturday’s post. then i got ready and went to volleyball practice at 4pm. wednesday’s practice is all about positional training so since i’m a setter, i worked on lots of setting!

after volleyball, i took a relaxing bath and shower with this like orange bath bomb. after my bath, i watched some netflix until i was too tired and went to bed!


after i got home from school i honestly was really tired so i just exited some blog photos while watching netflix. i desperately need to cut down on how much netflix i watch but it’s fineeee!

after i got home from school, i went to volleyball practice again! we have practice tuesday-thursday. so when i got home from practice i just worked on some homework and showered. then i was really tired so i went to bed almost right away!


yayy!! happy friday!! my outfit for friday was this red sweatshirt from garage, jeans from hollister and my birkenstocks i got for christmas! when i got home from school, i took max for a walk and honestly i cant remember what else other than just chilling and journaling.

then my younger sister and i went to the mall together! i bought a bodysuit and a sweatshirt you will see in an upcoming haul *wink wink!* but yeah we just had a good time and i love going to the mall with her on fridays.


here’s my outfit for my saturday with my friend! i wore the bodysuit i bought the day before and my hollister jeans! but after i got ready i did some babysitting because my parents had to talk max to the vet because he wasn’t feeling too great… but don’t worry he’s doing great now!! he got the meds he needed and now he’s doing all great!

then i finished typing my blog post for sunday!

i went out to lunch with my friend bella! our parents were actually best friends in high school and we’ve know each other since we ere born so it was really nice to see her! we went to this vegan cafe in everett called “cafe wyld” and it was so yummy. but yes we just had an amazing time together and the food was amazing too.


as for sunday, i started off my morning by going to church! then my best friend and i went to the gym!! we both have memberships to the same gyms and it’s really cool. we just did some arm and leg workouts together before getting starbucks lol! we used the arm machine things and the stair master for the majority of my workout.

after i had gone home and showered, then i just chilled for a bit. then, i published my sunday blog post! then after studying for a test the next day, my dad and i went on some errands. my dad and i went mini grocery shopping and got some lightbulbs lol! i also found these two room decorations that were super boho and cute. but afterwards i just went home and went to bed since it was late!

i hope you enjoyed and have a great week!

<33 carlyy☕️🥂🎞

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  1. great post! glad max is feeling better 🙂 you have a beautiful smile!

    1. awwwh thanks!!

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