school night routine ft. football game

i’ve been wanting to share more of just everyday life on here so i thought i’d show you a night routine but to keep it interesting, this night was game day!! so i didn’t have practice so i went to the football game with my friend amy and it was really fun. so yeah here’s a really real post that will show you a bit more of my everyday life!

obviously first things first i definitely need to get snack after school, duh!! i actually eat my lunch at school and have a few snacks in class since i’ve switched to online health class. best decision ever cause i get home at 1pm instead of 2pm!! but today i actually stayed at school to wait for my friend to finish class cause for some reason she didn’t want to skip 6th?!? (kidding don’t attack me) but like let’s ignore that because that’s not normal lol!

we actually decided to go on a mini shoot!! i’ve been trying to work on portraits so there aren’t the best but your girls trying. but yeah we went through my neighborhood just taking photos and it was really fun and i mean she got a bunch of instagram photos out of it and i got practice soo…

sadly, i still had some lovely homework i needed to finish up before i got into the fun of football game so i did a few pages of that.

then, it was around time to start getting ready for the game!! i basically just touched up my makeup from school by adding a bit of concealer, eyeshadow and mascara. i also straightened my hair which lasted literally five minutes after i got there, we love wavy hair… but yeah so the theme of the game was pink out so we got all decked out in our pink!! i played my october playlist as we got all ready too.

before leaving, we ate dinner! the game was a late game so it was like 7 by this time so i cooked pasta. i say cooked like i did anything more than putting pasta in boiling water lol. but i love pasta so like this was yumm ok!!

as for what i wore, for pink out i wore a pink off the shoulder top from garage. along with plain black leggings from arie and my pink vans. then for extra spirit stuff, i used pink face paint (well acrylic but i don’t recommend that), wore a pink lei and a pink patterned bandana!!

the game was super fun even though we lost… so apparently we are super good and are in the playoffs now but i’ve always had volleyball and couldn’t go until now. but of course the one game i can go to we lose but hey now there’s playoff games to go to!! it was also cool because we got there early so i could see some of my friends from a different high school who’s school played the game before.

when i got home, i just got ready for bed because it was like midnight so i was tired!! i brushed my teeth and did my skincare along with changing into pajamas. i also did a facemask while i was watching netflix to relax and this one was pretty good!! then i went to bed, goodnight🌙

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day lovesss <33

lovee, carlyy

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