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So a few weeks ago I posted a question on my instagram story asking for questions or topics you wanted advice on!! I got lots of questions and I can’t wait to get started!! I hope this gives you some advice and helps you out.

“how to balance your schedule/how to balance schoolwork + everything else/how to stay balanced – friends, blogging, schoolwork, sport + still be ‘mindful’?”

I got tons and tons of questions about balancing a schedule because you probably know that I love to keep a busy schedule full of things I love!! My best advice is to start off by having some kind of planner/calendar to keep track of it all. The very best thing you can do for yourself to balance life, you need to learn how to be productive and not procrastinate or waste your time on stupid stuff like going through your phone… The other thing is there’s a chance at some point where you’ll have to prioritize which matters more. You need to know which one you will choose if you need to make a choice, but most important is time management and productivity!! Most importantly, my best tip ever is to do as much as possible at school and work really efficient with your schoolwork.

“advice on making friends at a new school/how to chat with new people w/o seeming weird”

First of I promise you won’t seem weird and you should be yourself 100%. Join something like a club or team and use that to meet new people!! Try starting small conversations with people in your classes and talk about something small and light. Easy things like what sports you both play, hobbies and just follow the conversation. You kinda just have to feel out the vibes of the conversation and if it’s just not working out there are hundreds of other people at your school (probably…)

“how to maintain being organized with work throughout the school year/keeping on top of homework

As I said, you definitely need to work as hard as possible at school and work really efficient. Also definitely keep a planner to keep track of all your work. I find the best way to stay organized is don’t procrastinate all the little assignments and work so there’s less to deal with and less to get disorganized. This is definitely hard bu you just need to work efficiently.

“favorite ways to get involved + how”

I’m definitely not the best at this but my top tip (and the only one I actually do…) is to join a school sports team!! Other things you could possibly join are clubs you’re into. Another great way is to go to events such as football games, homecoming, etc. These will all help you meet new people and get involved with your school. I’d also say to be nice to teachers because you should just always be kind but people try to get cool and roast them, I promise this will help you out so much too, they’ll be so much more likely to give you an extension or a retake!! It also will make all your classes a but more enjoyable and it’s just so much better in general to be nice to everyone!!

“study tips + how to beat distraction”

Okay, I’m going to need some tips here because I literally never ever study… But I’m going to try to give some tips! This probably seems completely insane but the way I focus best is when I’m watching Netflix while I do homework. If that’s just distracting to you I also listen to music when I’m doing stuff like math but mostly Netflix hahaha! But I think doing that cuts out everything going on around you and makes me way more focused on just the two things…

“school makeup routine”

My school makeup routine is very… ‘minimal’. It’s something like my five-minute makeup look post but like even a little less. Basically just primer, concealer, lip balm and eyebrows after the first week where I actually try.

how not to get lost? lmao”

The number one way not to get lost is get your schedule and go to your school and find where each and every one of your classes are!! Some schools will do a tour and then you can just go on that and look for where the classrooms are or just go another time. If neither of those work, you can try to find a map online and use that to map where you want to go!

“what is the worst advice you’ve ever gotten about school?”

I’m honestly not sure at all but probably that grades are all that matters because they’re not even all that colleges look at!! My best advice for this is just balance, balance in all of your life.

I hope my advice is helpful and you enjoyed this post!!

Carly <33

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  1. this advice was so helpful, Carly! I love reading your back-to school related posts!

    Maria xx

    1. aww yayy!! glad you’ve been enjoying them 🙂

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