road trip to the beach

last weekend i went to the beach, specifially ocean shores with my dad and sisters and i thought i would put together a post or two about it. so here is the first one which is on the road trip to ocean shores! it was a super long ride so i thought i would put together a quick little post about the trip there and maybe give you some ideas on what to do on your next road trip!

started off the trip with the essentials, snacks, music, podcasts and friendship bracelets to make! i was sitting in the back for the drive there so you bet i was in my own little airpod music and podcast world. also i love to just look out the window while listening as we drive cause it keeps you from getting carsick and there’s great views on this drive from seattle to the beach. here was a nice lil gas station bathroom outfit of the day, my tank is from brandy cause it’s so soft, comfy and flowy and my shorts are from american eagle and they’re super soft but cute asf too.

then about halfway through our drive we were all super hungry and had to stop for lunch. of course we picked panera because honestly it is the absolute best and only road trip stop spot. they have the best freshest and just refreshing roadtrip meals and lots of options which is incredible for roadtripping with the fammmm. i got my usual which is the chili lime salad with no chicken or cheese and a balsamic dressing instead of the ranch one cause vegan ganggg. also of course nobody at all is surprised that i got an iced almond milk latte. then we kept on driving…

then we were just about there! we drove past this incredible view of driving by the ocean which has to be the best stretch of drive. i over this view every time ommgg! then we were going to the like bigger version of the hotel we were staying at to pick up our keys and while we waited i ran down to the beach to check it out. then we went to the condo we rented and unpacked our stuff from the car to the rooms. i was sleeping on the couch so i just didn’t really unpack but i never do anyway sooo… then i packed up my beach bag with all the essentials and hit the beach. i changed into a bikini and some shorts and packed my journal, hydro, airpods, phone, towel and some snacks. i went for a quick dip, a beach walk and layed in the sand and listened to podcasts and the waves.

i hope you enjoyed this quick post and it inspires you for your next road trip!

xoxo carly

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