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if you’ve followed my blog for a while now you would’ve noticed that day in my life posts are some of my favorites. but life has been super boring lately cause washington is still mostly stuck at home so i avoided doing these but it’s been a while so i decided to do one anyway. so today’s post is going to be a day in life mostly stuck at home! also this was a sunday so i had less school than during the week and was just finishing up some stuff.

i did a post a while back on my ideal morning routine for being at home for school so you can check that out here! but basically i wake up and change into workout clothes and have breakfast. my favorite lately has been the trader joe’s cashew vanilla yogurts with granola, fruit and agave. i add whatever fruit i can find, today was a banana, a ton of granola and top it with a little agave nectar. i always have at least one coffee or matcha with breakfast too, usually an iced coffee.

after breakfast i’ll usually just watch youtube or listen to a podcast and clean up or something for a little before my workout. for my workout i either do this adaptation of my old gym workout, the alexis ren ab workout or go for a run/walk. this day i just did my normal at-home workout that i did a blog post on a few weeks ago!

after my workout i showered and got ready for the day. my outfit was just this super cute flowy too i thrifted off depop and a pair of boyfriend jeans from pacsun. after getting ready i did some of the school work i had for that day. i had some math and history stuff i needed to do so i just did that for an hour or two. after i finished school i had lunch. for lunch i just heated up this veggie yakisoba i got at costco, it was actually really good though i recommend.

the beach in my area was open which is super great so i couldn’t wait to go there. i actually got my license the day before this cause it was my 16th birthday so i was also super excited to go for a drive too. so i just drove to the beach and sat there for a bit cause i had really missed the beach in the past few months. afterwards i went home and finished up some random stuff and went on my phone for a bit until dinner.

i honestly can’t remember what i had for dinner, maybe a veggie burger? but the weather was super great so we ate on the patio and there was this super pretty sunset! summer sunsets here are usually super pretty so i’m so excited for more of these this summer. after dinner i watched tv with my family for a little and then just got ready for bed by washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. then i watched netflix for a bit, went on my phone for a bit and then finally read before going to bed. i was reading before we were strangers by renee carlino and it’s soo good!

i hope you enjoyed this chill day and have a great week!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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  1. ur aesthetic is insaneeeee! hope u had the best birthday :)) love these posts x

    1. thank you love!!

    2. omg thank u so much

  2. Ahhh your photos are super aesthetic! That’s so cool that you can drive now and I bet your super greatful for that, especially during quarantine! I’m basically in the same boat as you, we’re in lockdown, still just chilling but it’s getting old :/
    Loved this xx 💕

    1. thank you! <3

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