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hey guys and welcome back to the blog! i have been settling into my routine lately and especially at night in terms of getting everything that i need to get done at night. i thought this would be a helpful post cause i get really productive after school, especially with volleyball season and having practice or games daily! i hope you enjoy and this inspires you:)

my school “night routine” actually starts at 11:20-11:30 when i get out of school! i am doing 1/2 online and half public school this year so i get out super early and start a little later. but most of my friends are juniors who are taking college classes and so a few friends and i went to chipotle after school. i’ve been spending all of my money on food lately because of this cause i keep going out to lunch with my friends after school… a real struggle… but it’s also incredible so i got a veggie burrito and it was amazing. when they dropped me off at home and i kinda just chilled with my dog for a bit since i was exhausted from school.

after i chill for a little bit, it’s time to get productive! depending on what i have that day i will either do homework or blog stuff. some days i schedule recordings after school because it’s super useful when recording with people in other time zones cause it’s usually afternoon for them. if i have a blog post i need to take photos for or take photos for a brand deal or instagram, i’ll do it then.

then i get into my homework for the day! i do my online school work for the day before my homework just to finish off “school” for the day. the classes i take online are intro to entrepreneurship, algebra and pe. so i will get all that work done before my friends get out of school. i also try to start and get into my ap notes too cause if you didn’t know, i take ap euro and we have a section of notes every night! it’s basically a full on part of my night routine to do my notes… love ap!

almost every day before volleyball i have friends over, usually layla! she usually and sometimes others come over when they get out of school and we just chill and talk and do random stuff. this specific night i’m not gonna lie, we just made a bunch of tiktoks. a true great way to spend my time! then when it gets closer to 4 we get ready for volleyball! most tuesdays and thursday’s we have a game but this day was a wednesday so we just had practice.

when i get home from practice, my friend usually drives me, i take a shower right away. after my shower i just change into shorts and a tee for my pajamas. honestly i cant get anything done until i’m all comfy and chill. afterwards my family is usually having dinner which at this point i’m incredibly hungry and can’t wait to eat! after dinner, i finish up any ap notes and anything for my other class (earth and space) that i need to get done that day.

then i do my skincare routine and brush my teeth to get ready for bed. also i literally can’t sleep when my room is a mess so i have to clean it up a lil bit each night. i will never understand how quickly it gets so messy! then i usually end up watching netflix or youtube until i’m ready to go to sleep. i also respond to texts, snaps and go on my phone in general for a bit cause i don’t go on it much throughout my night but then i go on for like an hour before bed:)

i hope you enjoyed this simple but hopefully helpful post!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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