pre-summer weekend in my life

a few weeks ago was memorial day weekend which in the usa is just a monday off school and we decided to travel and i hung out with my friends so i thought i would document it on here! we went to orcas island and i know i always do posts about it cause we go often since we have our cottage up there so hopefully it doesn’t get repetitive but we did some completely different stuff this time in my opinion…

my saturday started at 4:30 am… we ended up getting stuck with a 7:50 ferry so we had to go drive to anacortes at 5:15. it was a morning… before we left i just packed a backpack super quick since it was a quick trip and made some coffee! then on our way to the boat we went to mcdonald’s and i just got a bunch of hashbrowns and orange juice cause i was hungry asf at this point.

then once the ferry came, we got on and went to orcas! i just watched netflix with my mom on the boat and ate my food. then once we got there, we drove first up to the house and unpacked. then once it was a bit later and the stores were open, we went to the grocery store and to a cafe to pick up groceries for the trip. we got all the essentials like bread, almond milk, bread, avocado, kombucha, bread, ya feel!

recently on orcas, this super cool restaurant called ‘wild island’ opened up!! i saw it last time i was there and i knew i just had to go. they have tons of healthy food and lots of amazing vegan options which is just great! i also got this super cool matcha latte with hazelnut milk which i hadn’t tried until this and it was really good. it was also the cutest little cafe style aesthetic and the food was genuinely so aesthetic and yummy. i’m definitely going to go back there like every time i’m on orcas!

as for the rest of the night, i kinda just chilled at the house. i always download a bunch of netflix shows to watch up here, especially at sunset! then we went to portifinos pizzeria and i got this amazing pizza. they actually have vegan cheese now so that’s the coolest ever. i just order whatever veggies and feeling and boom i got a great pizza. then i came home and ate my pizza and watched the sunset! a very relaxing night just listening to podcasts and watching the sky cause it was pretty this night.

i haven’t mentioned it on here yet, but i actually got my permit not too long ago so i’ve been practicing driving every chance i get! i started drivers ed like two weeks ago and be been loving driver ever since. i literally cannot wait to get my license when i’m 16 next year. orcas island is like dead on sundays so it was perfect chance to drive without too many people on the road. this day i just practiced curving with the road and navigating the town.

after lunch, we went to the lake! every time we go to orcas we always go to cascade lake. i love this lake and it was super fun to watch everyone swim cause i’m dumb and forgot my bikini… also i got this super bomb sorbet in an ice cream cone which was a 10/10. then afterwards we went back to the house and packed everything up to get ready to go home. we only stayed for once night cause the late night ferry was all we could get last minute.

so yeah we drove home! after we got off the ferry which was an 8pm one i believe, we went to mcdonald’s yet again cause we’re health icons like that… this time i got a bunch of fries and sprite! i swear i eat healthy… sometimes at least! but check out this pretty sunset from the ferry. when i got home at like 10 or 11 i unpacked and got everything together cause i was wide awake. then i knocked out:)

i genuinely can’t remember what i did monday morning cause i totally forgot to take photos. i think i went to the bank and grocery shopping with my dad. then i went to the mall with julia around 1 ish! i got so many clothes, it’s embarrassing how much was left in my bank account. i got a few tube tops, a belt, boba and some candy. i’ve been obsessed with tube tops lately cause they’re so comfortable and so easy to wear with literally anything. but yes that might i just went to drivers ed and then chilled and went to bed lol!

i hope you enjoyed this post and make today a great day!

xoxo carly

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