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So if you ever see me at school, home relaxing, etc. I won’t be wearing anything except eyebrows and concealer. Buuuut the second you invite me to go somewhere cool all the sudden I have a full face and a full glow up! I’ve been into just like the basic peachy nude eyeshadow look when I go out and a relatively simple, glowy base.

Starting off with my base makeup…

1. First things after skincare, primer. This Too Faced one is amazing, it’s smells amazing and it helps my skin too!! I find that primer really helps my makeup stick and look lots better. It also has coconut water and helps create a barrier for my skin so it doesn’t get clogged by makeup!

2. If I am going to a party or a special event/dance I’ll wear foundation. This foundation from Wet n’ Wild is SOOO great. It isn’t drying or cakey at all which is really amazing and it’s very glowy!! It’s $6 from Target and it’s 100 times better than any $30+ one I’ve tried. Best yet, it doesn’t break me out at all. I just blend this (& concealer) with the RealTechniques sponge!

3. Since I’m wearing foundation and I don’t want to cake up too much, I’ll use just a bit of concealer! The one from Makeup Revolution is soo amazing and really covers acne super well. It also isn’t bad about caking at all which I really love because I just hate cakiness if you can’t tell.

4. This is the most important step for me and that is… eyebrows!! I fill in my eyebrows almost everyday and it’s just the biggest key for me. For parties or more full faces of makeup, I use a pomade and everyday just a few pencil strokes. I brush them a little upward me then to the side if that makes sense lol

5. Another fun favorite to apply is highlighter. I use a Colourpop highlighter in the shade “Lunch Money”. I’ll either use a fluffy brush or just my finger! Highlighter on the tip of a nose is super super cute and obviously cheekbones too. If I actually remember I’ll do the other spots people say to do like brow bone, cupid’s bow and inner corner too ;))

For eyeshadow (step 6 lol) I’m using the Morphe 35o palette and doing a simple peachy look!

1. Blend a light matte peachy nude all over your lid using a fluffy brush.

2. Blend a darker matte peach into your crease (I use the same brush and wipe it off cause I’m nasty like that)

3. Add a light shimmer to your inner corner and blend JUST A BUT towards the lid/center of your eye.

4. Using a liquid eyeshadow in a rosey-gold, apply over the center of your lid and blend out. I love this one from elf in the shade “copper” because it’s super shimmery and blends just perfect. I used a flat brush to blend this softly out from the center of my lid.

7. To set all my makeup I spray my face with setting spray! Then I go over to my air conditioning vents or fan my face… anyone have any better ways to do this?? This one from NYX keeps the glowy finish and coverage but it also keeps the makeup on all day. I’m not a huge fan of setting powders so I use this instead, even though it probably doesn’t make much logical sense…

8. After setting, to avoid smudges I apply mascara. It seems to always smudge anyway but I keep a Q-tip nearby to clean up any mistakes I (definitely will) make! This ones waterproof too so it is super durable and will stay on all day or night.

9. Lastly I finish off with lip balm because fun fact, I hate lipstick/gloss etc. I don’t know why but I just can’t handle the feeling of anything but lip balm on my lips. But I also hate chapped lips just as much as the next girl so I just am always applying lip balm. This ones super moisturizing and I like to think it adds color?? Probably not but it smells nice!

For my hair I just straightened it using my straightener from John Frieda (bomb) and a heat protectant! I rarely straighten my hair but for SPECIAL stuff I’ll do it. For my outfit, I’m wearing a plain black halter neck tank top, oversized jean jacket and flowy patterned flared hippie pants (Tillys)!! I’ve been obsessed with these pants and they have such a cool pattern so I just pair them with solids so they really pop. I also love a good jean jacket so I add that just in case I’m cold and it’s always good just to have!

I hope you enjoyed this and have an amazing dayy <33

love, carly!!

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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  1. Kirithika says:

    Loved this look! I really liked your pictures in these too, they’re set out nicely!

    1. thank you sooo much!!

  2. I love that foundation and the consealer too! I like how the foundation is medium coverage, but the consealer is full coverage. The way you did the layout for this post is really cool xx

    1. yess they’re perfect!! oo that means a lot:)

  3. Ooo I love the eyeshadow shades you used <3 loved the post x

    1. thank you lovee <3

  4. Such a cute makeup look, I’m so in love with peachy colors😍 Love your photos too!

    1. aww thank you so much!!

  5. You look so cute! Love this post xx

    Jamie |

    1. awww thank you so much

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