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last week or so i asked for some questions on my instagram story and to make them deep! so here’s all the questions and their answers and get ready, cause these are deep!

have you ever had any drama with other blogs? *tea emoji*

ahhaahahah i laughed my 🍑 off at this question!! but honestly, no!! i haven’t had any bad experiences or tea with other blogs which is really awesome. i’ve only had great experiences with other blogs and thank you for that!

what’s the hardest things about playing in sports?

bro i love sports so much!! i guess the only hard thing is managing it with school.

what future job do you want?

i’m not totally sure at all but i would absolutely love to do something with photography and design for a magazine!! i would absolutely love to work for a magazine and make pages whether it be the photos, designs, etc.

what’s your style?

i’m honestly not sure but i think maybe basic trendy mixed with simple comfy if that makes sense haha!

favorite food? favorite food to eat out?

i don’t have one favorite food but right now i’m loving the christmas trader joe’s jojo’s and stir fry! as for eating out, my go to’s are often pasta and the restaurants bread because warm restaurant bread makes me so happy hahah.

what’s my favorite thing in life?

omg this is such a hard question and there’s no way i can possibly pick one thing so here’s a few! i love jesus, volleyball, photography + blogging, friends and family(!!), journaling, netflix & the beach/traveling.

tips for clear skin?

i honestly don’t have that many tips but here we go:

• have a skincare routine (mines here)

• don’t touch your face

• drink water + eat healthy

• try not to stress

what do you think of medication as a form of treatment? (mental health)

ooh this is a deep one omg… okay so first off i am on meds for anxiety but i also go to therapy. but i don’t think that a bunch of pills will “fix” your mental health at all! i think that meds can be used as part of a treatment plan but not the only thing in it. combined with therapy and techniques i think meds are useful

do you think you’ve ever been heartbroken?

honestly no, me and boys just don’t really work out… i haven’t not gotten into a guy enough to be heartbroken after.

experience with panic attacks?

i’ve been diagnosed with a panic disorder along with anxiety. panic attacks really suck so much! i’ve had panic attacks at school and at home and they’re rough. my heart goes out to anyone who experiences them too!

anxiety experiences?

so i’ve honestly probably had anxiety for years! i got diagnosed last may and started going to therapy then and started meds in september. my tips and advice is that you need to talk about it with someone! also is to just be open and it will help so much.

what’s on your bucket list?

ooo i love this one! my bucket list would totally be to travel, travel and travel more!! i love traveling so much and it makes me so happy. another thing would be to sleep on a trampoline! i don’t have one but i would love to do that in the summer at one of my friends.

if a genie gave you 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

1. homes + food for the homeless

2. guns to not exists anymore

3. cures!! for cancer, etc

any boys? 😉

nope, we’re still working on that one…

what are some of your favorite memories from this year?

• camp!!

• long beach & the beach in general

• last day of school + the spring dance

• homecoming!

• volleyball season

• football games

• and so much more!

what are some of your hopes and dreams?

i would love to live near the beach!!

• dorm life with friends

• have an amazing wedding

• get a job i love!

• work at the summer camp i’ve been going to for the summer when i’m in college/senior year

• get a jeep or cute car in general

• a really cute kid and little kid clothes

and that’s the tea! i hope you enjoyed this really open and long blog post!!

<33 carlyy⚡️☕️🌻

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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