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new years 2019 + my resolutions

hey guys and happy 2019!! i hope you guys all had a great new years, i went with my friend so i wanted to do a post on it. i also wanted to share my resolutions too!! so i’ll start with the photos from that night and a brief summary and then share all my resolutions.

+ my makeup

for my makeup i just did my everyday makeup routine! it’s a simple look with just bb cream, concealer, bronzer for shadow, mascara and brow pomade. i’m not too big on heavy makeup anymore so i just kept it simple, even though i was going out.

+ my outfit

for my hair, i just wore it completely natural! then for jewelry, i wore these gold dangle earrings and two gold necklaces. one had a crescent moon and the other had a circle charm! then i wore this off-the-shoulder red dress, i believe it’s from forever 21 and it’s sooo cute!! so yeah, here’s my outfit!!

+ what we did!

i headed over there around 8, then my friend and i set up this photo background with some decorations we picked up and took photos at it! then we watched movies for a while. around 11 we started making cookies!! we made a bath of vegan sugar cookies. then it was… midnight!! a bunch of her neighbors were blowing off fireworks so we went outside to watch some of them. we ended up watching more movies before falling asleep around 3!

+ continue to improve mental health

i’ve talked about my mental health and anxiety/depression before on my blog here so i won’t get into it much in this post. basically this year i worked really hard on my mental health and i just want to continue working and improving it!

+ have balance in all aspects of my life

another thing i’ve learned this year is how important balance is in every aspects of anyone’s lives! like you have to find the perfect balance of going out and staying in, spending money on things that are important and saving it, etc.

+ connect with my faith daily

one of my biggest accomplishments from this year was definitely how much i connected with my faith and got closer with god! i would like to continue this by connecting with my faith daily, whether it be through bible study, prayer, reading the bible, going to church, etc.

+ continue to be efficient at school

so i’m extremely proud to say i’ve done very minimal homework at home so far this year but for some reason when february rolls around i often start not doing anything in class and saving it for home which is just really inefficient and annoying! i seriously recommend this because you can save the time when you’re it a school for having fun with your friends instead of doing what you could’ve done at school.

+ do more good in the world and environment

this year i really got more into caring for the environment and living a more sustainable lifestyle! i would like to continue this in the new year by keeping a reusable straw in my bag with me, buying way less one-time use things and going to places that are environmentally conscious. it’s really the little things like this that make a difference.

+ spread love everywhere i go

this is such a sappy and cheesy resolution but i love spreading love and kindness wherever i go and tbh mamma mia inspired me to be that kinda person! basically my like life goal is to be remembered and known as that kind of vibrant and happy person if that makes any sense… but yeah that’s a big resolution for me!

+ get my permit!!

this is the year i can get my drivers permit and go to drivers ed and that’s exactly what i’m going to do! i’m so excited to drive!!

+ less is more and quality > quantity in every aspect of my life

another thing i’ve learned this year is how true the statements “less is more” and “quality over quantity” are! like think about it this way, would you rather have 2 bomb friends or 8 sucky ones? or 1 nice necklace or 5 that break in 2 weeks? i guess i could say i’ve kinda gotten into minimalism a but but basically those two statements are going to be my ‘phrases of 2019’!

+ spend less time on my phone

this is always so many people new years resolution but it’s such a great one! many people including me waste too much time on their phone each day. apple has this newish feature where it tracks how long you’re on your phone each day and what apps they are. i’ve gotten a lot better about it since this came out but it’s still shocking to me how much of my week i’m spending on it!

i hope you enjoyed this post!! have an amazing year 🥂

<33 carlyy

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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  1. I love these goals Carly, wishing you the best of luck!!

    1. awwh thank you so much!

  2. Emily says:

    This is such a good post! You look so pretty for New Years and I love your goals, I have many the same! xo

    1. awwwh thank you so much!! yayy good luck <33 xoxo

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