my workout routine

your girl has actually been going to the gym kind of a lot for me lately!! so i always get requests to share workouts on instagram cause i’m basic and post gym boomerangs on there all the time.

warm up

when i get to the gym i start off with 20-30 minutes on the stairmaster. my gym recently added stairmasters and i’ve been loving it since it’s a great and easy little workout to just listen to a podcast (my fave is thick & thin ;))

arm machines/workout

then i basically just do all the arm machines i feel like doing. this isn’t that helpful but here’s the trick my dad taught me, on a relatively easy weight, do 15 reps, then bump up the weight and do 10 then bump it up again and do 8. i repeat that a few times if i like the machine and kinda just do what i feel like following that guide.


this part of the workout is one you can do at home without equipment but here’s what i do on a mat with weights:

  • glute bridges
  • weighted squats
  • crunches
  • russian twists with a ball
  • leg lifts
  • donkey kicks
  • fire hydrants
  • plank
  • sit ups

cool down

and then for just a bit like maybe 10 minutes i’ll just walk on the treadmill just cause lol

okay that’s all, i hope you enjoyed!! love you babes!!!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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  1. I love this Carly! I think I am going to start listening to podcasts while working out – great idea! xo

    1. awwh thank u smm!!

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