my wavy haircare routine

i’ve recently gotten a lot more into embracing my natural hair which is really wavy! my hair can be really wavy naturally like the photo above or if i put in tight styles in can be much straighter and just not great lol. this simple routine has helped my hair embrace its natural curls which i lovee!! it’s also all cruelty free and only a few inexpensive products.

+ in the shower

this is the shampoo and conditioner i use and i’m obsessed tbhhh. i use the ogx argon oil of morocco duo! honestly i would recommend it to anyone no matter what type hair you have! they’re super moisturizing and smell amazing. it’s also only like $10 for these giant bottles which last a good while. i also only wash my hair every other day to every few days which has helped my hair lots! this also probably seems crazy but i don’t brush my hair unless it’s in the shower with a wide tooth comb. this helps my hair be way less frizzy and way less hair fallout.

+ for extra moisture

sometimes your hair just needs that extra boost and that’s where these two come in! i use this shea moisture hair mask in the bath sometimes when my hair just isn’t doing well. it helps loads dry or damaged hair. i damaged my hair a bit with a straightener and this mask saved my hair! the other product that was and still is a lifesaver is this maui moisture hair oil! i use after i shower to add back some moisture and whenever i’m going to use heat on my hair similar to a heat protectant. it’s super moisturizing and smells amazing too!

+ after my shower

after showering, i put my hair in a towel for 10-15 minutes ish to soak out the extra water if that makes sense. then when my hair is damp i apply one of these two curl enhancers. both of these are great, bumble and bumble bb curl is a more expensive but amazing option and shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie is a more inexpensive but still great one! then i just left my hair air dry down and boom that’s it for my hair!

that’s about it for my haircare! i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day!

<33 carlyy🕊

Carly Allison

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  2. I loved this post! I use that shampoo and it’s really great. My hair is naturally curly so I might check some of these products out!

    1. awwh thank you!! yess definitely check it out!!

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