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my skincare routine + how i cleared my acne

i don’t know about you but personally my skin has gone through a lot. it got really bad fast, it got better and then got worst than before! but i’ve had pretty clear skin for like half a year now after all that so i wanted to share my routine. i use almost all natural products with the exception of the acne treatment my dermatologist prescribed. that was definitely the biggest difference maker for the acne so definitely go to the dermatologist if acne is your struggle. these products are amazing for normal skin and super glowy healthy skin so check these out cause they’re all drugstore and easy to get!

+ my skin

so basically the first photo here is my face in about september of 2018 before i switched everything up and went to the dermatologist. i struggles with a lot of cystic acne along with just having acne prone skin in general. as for what skin type i have i have normal skin but also definitely acne prone. it’s actually pretty sad but i started to get small breakouts in like 5th grade which was so long ago! my skin is so so far from perfect and i still breakout all the time but as you can see it’s gotten so much better!!

+ cleanser

the cleanser i use is the dr. bronner’s 18-in-1 peppermint pure castile soap, that’s such a long name but it’s such a great product. it’s natural, vegan and cruelty free which checks all the boxes for me!! this one and the rose ones are the best ones in my opinion but i’m pretty sure they have a bunch of different ones so pick which one you think would be best for your skin, i love the peppermint one. the other thing that you NEED to know about these cleansers is to DILUTE THIS WITH WATER! it’s a concentrated product so just use more water when normal while washing and you’ll be all good.

+ mask

i do a mask maybe twice a week and it’s the best ever!! it’s called the freeman’s clearing peel off sweet tea and lemon clay mask. basically it’s the perfect mask ever and it’s a clay and peel-off mask in one which are like the best of both worlds. this is honestly the only mask i ever use and it’s so good for helping out acne and making your skin look bomb. i put it on with a crusty foundation brush and then wait for it to dry all the way and enjoy myself peeling it off! peel off masks are like the teen version of putting glue on your hands and peeling it off in elementary school lol i hope you did that too or this is awkward bahaha.

+ toner

the next thing i use after washing my face is the thayers witch hazel toner and it’s so bomb!! no joke my whole family uses this toner because it’s just so amazing! this toner is so moisturizing and clears your skin the most too. this toner is the best for literally all skin types, my sister has dry and sensitive skin and my mom has oily aging skin and they both swear by it too! also this is all vegan and cruelty free and natural!!

+ moisturizer

my favorite moisturizer ever is simply just plain shea butter! honestly this is such a great product for making your skin look super glowy and overall just amazing. i got this one at the grocery store and it’s vegan and cruelty free of course cause all of this is because that’s very important to me! i basically use my nail to scrape a little from the container and moisturize my face with it.

+ treatment

i already explained this a bit but basically i use an adapolane from my dermatologist which is what made the big difference for me! also please i’m going to say it again, if you’re struggling with acne, going to the dermatologist is the best thing you can do.

i’m also going to share some tips and advice that don’t have anything to do with skincare but make big differences on a podcast episode super soon!

i hope you guys enjoyed this post and it helps you babes out!!

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  1. Elisha says:

    Hey I was just wondering were I can get adapolene gel I can’t seem to find it anywhere!?

    1. I buy the differin brand at target but it is only available in the us and canada without a perscription.

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