my simple but effective skincare routine

i’ve been trying out tons of different skincare routines from prescriptions to intense drugstore acne products for years. but what i’ve found the most effective of all has been the simple routine with simple “active” ingredients in one or two of the products. i did a skincare routine about six months ago and many of the products are the same but i’ve changed up a few and i love the changes i’ve made.

the first step of my routine is obviously to wash my face. i recently got this mini spin brush on amazon and i love it! i’ll link it here and it came with tons of different brush heads. i usually stick with the daily cleansing one and then use the deeper cleansing one once or twice a week. for my cleanser i use the fresh soy face cleanser! i’ve been using this cleanser for a while now and i’m on my second bottle. it’s a super gentle but effective cleanser and another thing i love it that it takes off my mascara. i wear mascara only most days so i don’t need to use like a double cleansing or proper makeup remover so i love that this can take my mascara off super gentle and easy.

after i wash my face i go in with the thayers witch hazel toner. this is such a great cleansing toner in my opinion and i really love it. i’m not a huge fan of the original one and i recommend the rose one so much more because it doesn’t have alcohol in it but the store was sold out of that one. following my toner i go in with the ordinary retinol 0.5% in squalene. i love using retinol so much because it helps with my acne, scarring and overall skin texture. next i moisturize my skin with the trader joe’s moisturizer. it’s such a simple and hydrating moisturizer, i really recommend trying it. lastly i use the trader joe’s eye cream to finish off my routine.

as for facemasks and non daily products i use these two products. the first one is the ordinary aha bha peeling solution. this peel is famous on social media but is genuinely one of the most effective and skin clearing product i’ve ever used. i use this about once a week and for ten minutes and then wash it off. it can sting the first few times and isn’t for everyone but it’s made the biggest difference in my skin. the other product i use is this facemask from shea moisture. it’s their african black soap clarifying mud mask. this also has tea tree oil which helps clear your skin naturally! i’ll use this kinda just whenever i feel like it.

that’s it for my skincare routine! it may seem short to some and long to others but for me it’s super simple.

xoxo carly

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