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if you know me, you would know that i change up my room all the time. have a mental breakdown? room makeover. bored? room makeover, it’s my solution to everything! these are also my favorite posts and videos so if you like these too, then this is the post for youuu. i’ve changed so much lately and it’s been requested for a tour, soooo of course i have to do one:)

when you first walk to my room, my door is covered in stickers which my mom probably does not appreciate. then to the left of my door i have a nightstand. i got this nightstand when i was a little kid and i love it cause it’s blue and i just think it’s cute. on my nightstand i have lush book with my light up cloud (ebay), a little teacup with scrunchies in it and my speaker (target). i also have a mason jar of water cause hydrate or die-drate! on the bottom part of my nightstand i have a bunch of books cause i read a good amount for school and sometimes when i feel like it, i try to…

next to my nightstand i have my favorite part of my room, my bed! i have a big stuffed type white duvet on my bed and then these purple toned silk pillows. i also have a few throw pillows from target and a fluffy blanket from costco. above my bed i have fairy lights (target) by my headboard and these three moon prints i bought off etsy! then on the wall on the right side of my bed i have my little polaroid wall. i like to take pics of my friends when they come over and put them here cause why not.

at the wall by the base of my bed i have my desk/vanity area. my desk is just a basic white one and i have a matching plain white chair. on my desk i always have this wire basket of my skincare routine cause i do that all here at night and in the morning. i also have a candle, my laptop, keys and bullet journal almost always there. in my drawer i have any other beauty or makeup stuff i may need and in the bigger compartment thing i have my online school notebooks and any extra school supplies.

above my desk i have my mirror. i just bought this unframed mirror at home depot for super cheap and my dad hung it up here. then i put a few pictures i printed at target of my friends and i up. on the wall by my desk i also have this boho wall hanging that i bought hung up.

then i have my dresser and mirror area! my dresser has all my pants and non-shirts basically. above my dresser i have a shelf with my camera, clock and some random stuff up there. on my dresser i have my makeup drawers that i don’t use much cause i became a skincare bitch. on the other side i have a candle and some random decor stuff.

then to the right i have my full-length mirror. but it’s too short so i put in on a crate and i don’t think it looks half bad! on the crate i just put a fake plant to make it look decorated. my mirror has like a patterned horse and i love it.

anddddd one of my very favorite parts of my room is all my lights! i bought the led light strips and so i can make my room any color i want! i’m absolutely obsessed with them and even though i only have them on one wall, they make my whole room whatever color i want. i also have the fairy lights and cloud by my bed i had to show light up too:)

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe get some new ideas for your room!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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  1. Cherish says:

    Your room is so cute! I’m taking notes because my room is empty haha. Please make a post on books! I really want to know about the books on your nightstand 👀

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