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I’m the type of person who will get the urge to clean and redecorate my room all the time!! Even though my room will probably change in a few weeks, I really like the way it looks right now so I thought I should give you guys a tour. I love these because they always inspire me to decorate my room and a fresh space feels like a fresh mind too!! I’d describe my room as somewhat minimal, lots of pink and white, plants and not really much of a theme or color scheme, but it’s really me. I think after reading this we’re basically besties since you know where everything is in my room…

Starting off with a quick overview description of where everything is in my room. To the left of my door, I first off have my mirror, nightstand, bed and then my window above it, desk, dresser and my closet. I’ll go more in depth on everything that’s on each surface in the rest of the post! I have white furniture and walls which I like so I can add color without looking too busy. I don’t have too much on the walls other than a few decor pieces and two shelves.

My mirror is right next to my door, it is almost a full length mirror except for it cuts off my head but I’m not sure if that’s the mirror or if I’m just too tall for it? That’s okay though because I can see my outfit and that’s what really matters with it! It has these really cute designs around the border too which are really bohemian which is a style I wanted to add when I redid my room last time. I also have my light switch to the left which I covered in washi tape like three years ago when that was the huge thing but I still like it.

To the left of my mirror I have my nightstand, it has an old fashioned design and it’s full of books on the inside for me to read before bed because that’s the only way for me to get to sleep at night. On my nightstand I have a stack of Lush books because I always get them free whenever I go to Lush! On top of the books I have an aloe vera plant which if you know me, I use aloe vera for everything so I wanted to get a plant of it for my room. Next to the plant I have a little wire display holding two pictures I printed from Pinterest. By my bed side, i have a mason jar cup with water to stay hydrated and a black lamp.

Then I have my bed, which has a white frame and small “headboard” with white sheets. I have this white ruched comforter from Target which I’m obsessed with and matching white pillows. For throw pillows I have one with green palm/banana leaves on it and one that’s also from Target with reversible gold sequins! Directly above my bed I have some fairy lights by the headboard and a tassel hanging I made in this incredibly old money-saving diys post. The on the wall right of my bed since it’s in the corner, I have my small, but growing polaroid wall!! I love taking polaroids and hanging them to remember all the fun times. Under my bed i have a few bins, one has extra blankets another has gym clothes and volleyball gear and the other has food for my hamster.

By the end of my bed I have my desk area! On my desk I keep my makeup drawers with some everyday products and brushes on top. I also always have my laptop and journal/planner and my mirror I use to do my makeup. I was watching YouTube while taking these so my phones there too. Above my desk I have a light-up cloud I got for extremely cheap on Ebay and a corner shelf. On my shelf I have a rose gold wire basket that holds a few mason jars, one has tissues, another has pencils, and then there’s also a plant and a jar of seashells. The other thing on my shelf is a speaker my friend got me for my birthday! I also have a white desk chair with holes in the back and a blue pad for my butt I guess.

To the right I have my dresser! It’s white and kind of old fashioned I guess and I really like it. On my dresser I usually have my hamsters cage but we were cleaning it. I have a crate with a plant and another wire photo display and it’s covered in fairy lights. It also has some shells and guess what, another plant. Then on the higher level of my dresser I have a little wooden like tree trunk slice with another plant and a teacup I store jewelry in! I also have a clock I got off Amazon. Above my dresser I have a shelf with a few framed quotes and plants along with this perfume.

Lastly for the rest of my room I have my woven laundry basket next to my dresser and then my closet that takes up almost the whole wall. I also have my tripod out here because I use it a lot to take photos and film. On the small piece of wall I have this pink phases of the moon hanging! Then is my door, get out 🙂

I hope you guys all enjoyed and thanks for reading!!

xoxo Carly

Carly Allison

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  1. Wow your room is actually clean – unlike mine lol!

  2. This room is so pretty! I loved this post. Can you do a post introducing us to your hamster?! I didn’t know you had one, and I’d love to meet it, given we din’t have them in New Zealand!

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