my room makeover 2020

hi so i know i already said i redid my room over quarantine but guess what, i did it again! but this time rather than just moving stuff, i redid most of the decor and got tons of new stuff. i kinda went for a boho and urban outfitters vibe. for today’s post i’m going to show my room and write about the things i changed. if you want to see the first part to this where i showed my room after moving all the furniture check out that post here!

starting off with my bed area of my room. i got this super cute ‘the sun’ tarot card tapastry from amazon and hung that above my bed. then i swapped out my purple and white cases to put the white ones on the top. i got a new pillow from amazon with this really cute boho pattern too. overall i love how cozy these things made my bed! as for the little corner that moving my room created, i hung up my constellation poster that was previously above my dresser. i got this a while back from a store in downtown tacoma. one of my favorite new additions to my room was this hanging plant! i got this white macrame hanger from amazon and the plant just from a plant store.

my nightstand and mirror area didn’t really change, i just added a candle to the nightstand. i usually have some sort of flowers on my nightstand but the ones i had kinda died so there’s a fake plant there for now.

the second half of my room is where i have my dresser and desk! as for my dresser, not too much changed i just moved my alexa over there and swapped the pot one of my plants was in. i went for this tan one because i really wanted a lot of neutrals in my room. the bigger change i made here was moving the mirror above the dresser. i love having it here so i can do my makeup since i keep my makeup on my dresser. as for my desk, i moved the posters that were above my bed to my desk. i also got a new pillow/cushion for my desk chair that’s just a neutral/brown color.

that’s all for my new room changes and tour! i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some decor inspo too<3

xoxo carly

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