my morning routine 2020

my morning routine 2020

hii so after lots of trial and error with my morning routine to find what routine works best for me i have found it. now i love my mornings and they definitely put me in the most ideal mindset for the day ahead.

first thing i do when i wake is turn off my alarm and chug some water. drinking water is obviously super important but especially in the morning after not having any water all night. then i’ll just take my vitamins and make my bed. making my bed right away makes sure i won’t get back into bed and keeps my room looking nice and clean.

then i’ll go to the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth. i love the hello charcoal toothpaste and the fresh soy face cleanser for morning and night.

i started meditating and stretching in the mornings a few months back and it made the biggest difference in my mind throughout the day! i use the app ‘insight timer’ for my meditations and i love it so much. i’ll do a 5-15 minute one from there, kinda just whatever meditation i’m feeling that day. i will also stretch or do yoga just to get my body going in the morning. i will workout most days but i prefer an afternoon workout to morning so i save that for later.

after my little mindful portion of my morning, i will pick out an outfit for the day and do any makeup that i want to wear that day. i did a get ready with me a few weeks ago and included my current makeup routine there. after getting ready i will go and make breakfast. some of my favorite breakfasts are smoothies, yogurt and fruit, and oatmeal.

also this is where i would go on my phone for the first time of the day. it’s made such a difference waiting to go on my phone in the mornings because i can just wake up and do my thing before reacting to anything on my phone. to finish off my morning, i’ll either go to the beach and go for a walk there or start whatever i have to do that day! each day is different for what i do following the morning.

i hope you enjoyed this post and get some ideas for your mornings

xoxo carly

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