my favorite podcasts

my favorite podcasts

welcome back to my blog! in today’s post i’m going to be sharing some of my favorite podcasts. i’ve been obsessed with podcasts for around two years now and lately i’ve been loving to listen to them while going on walks and throughout the day even more. if you’re a podcast person, definitely give some of these a listen!

the sister diary w/ maddie & lauren orlando– my first favorite podcast is the sister dairy, i recently started listening to this one and i loved it so i went back and listened to a bunch of the old episodes. it’s a lifestyle podcast with a bunch of fun lifestyle topics and guests.

thick & thin w/ katy bellotte- my next favorite is katy bellotte’s! this was one of the first podcasts i started listening to and it has some lifestyle but is mostly storytelling which i absolutely love. this is definitely one that leaves you thinking and inspired too.

anything goes w/ emma chamberlain- this is another recent favorite, i’ve watched emma’s youtube for a while but my friend colby recommended her podcast and it’s so so good. i’ve always loved emma’s personality but her advice on here is sooo good too.

lemon water w/ michelle- i also started listening to this podcast and i’ve been loving it. i went back and listened to a bunch of old episodes too and loved them! it’s a great wellness and lifestyle podcast that’s super inspirational and has great tips.

crime junkie w/ ashley & brit- this is the best true crime podcast there is. the absolute best! i love true crime and all that stuff so i’ve listened to so so many podcasts on it but crime junkie is definitely the best in my opinion.

ageless w/ cynthia rowley & kit keenan- i followed kit on instagram a bit ago and started listening to ageless because of it. it’s a really good wellness and lifestyle podcast with tons of super cool guests and good tips!

okay sis w/ scout & mady- i’ve been listening to okay sis for a bit from kenzie elizabeth’s podcast and it’s so good! they cover so many different topics and also have some super cool guests. i also love their solo episodes and they’re so funny together.

i hope you guys are having a great week and make today great xoxo


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