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in today’s post i’m going to be sharing my favorite books. i thought this post was perfect with everything going on with the coronavirus since most people are stuck at home and need something to do. i started reading more lately cause it was required for one of my classes and these are the best books i’ve read so far! also i recommend checking with your library if they have a free ebook program because a lot (at least in washington) are closed.

also i suck at describing books but trust me, these are so so good!

second chance summer – morgan matson

this might be my favorite book i’ve ever read. it’s about a girl (taylor) who goes back to her family’s lake house for the first time in five years. they are spending the summer there for the last time (her dad is dying of cancer) and she didn’t leave in the best light five years earlier. i didn’t describe that the best but trust me this book is amazing.

tell me three things – julia buxbaum

this is another top book of mine. the main character ( jessie ) and her dad moved from chicago to la and moved in with his new wife. she goes from public school to trying to fit in to a rich la private school. she begins to make new friends including the mystery boy emailing her.

one of us is lying – karen m. mcmanus

this book is about a group of teens who go into detention and one of them gets poisoned. it’s a big mystery of who killed him and it’s really interesting cause they all have secrets. the big mystery is whose secret connects to the killer. it’s a rly good mystery and the type you will not want to put down.

since you’ve been gone – morgan matson

this book is about a girl whose best friend mysteriously disappears in the summer. she leaves a list of things to do. they are all outgoing as she gets out of her shell without her best friend. this book is another really good one that i can’t recommend enough.

love and gelato – jenna evens welch

the last book is love and gelato. the main character spends the summer in italy with her dad she has never met after her mom passed. she explores the new city and meets new people. it’s such a cute book and i love the location.

i hope you enjoyed this post and check out these books! stay safe and wash your hands<3

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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  1. Cherish says:

    I’m shook 😳 I’ve read pretty much all of these, I didn’t know we had similar taste in books! Are we book twins 😂

    1. ooo cool! do you have any other favorites? i would love to find some new ones

  2. I have been wanting to read some of these! Maybe I will get around to it now!!

    1. oo yes it’s the perfect time!

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