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my everyday makeup routine

hey, hi, hello! today’s post is my everyday makeup routine. i’m happy to say that this is all cruelty free and very simple! these are also all super affordable too 🙂

–finished look

here’s my finished makeup look! it takes less than 15 minutes in the morning. it’s a super simple and basic look but that’s just what i’ve been into! i definitely don’t wear makeup everyday or tbh, to school at all but this is what i wear whenever i’m going somewhere.

–bb cream + concealer

after washing, toning and moisturizing my face, i go in with bbcream! i stick with bb cream most days because it’s so light and i honestly can’t handle thick foundations for everyday. i love my pacifica one because it’s really light and i think it really helps my skin! then i’ll add a little concealer on any acne scars or breakouts. i absolutely love my makeup revolution one because it’s so amazing!! i just blend this in with a drugstore beauty sponge.

–eyeshadow + brows

i’ve been loving simple eyeshadow, where i just use a bronzer on my lids! i use this really shimmery bronzer from milani and an ecotools fluffy brush to just blend it all over my lid. as for brows, i actually have no clue what pomade this is! my mom gave it to me and the label was all wiped off so i’m not sure which one it is but i’m going to pick up the anastasia one next so let’s just pretend that’s this one 😉

–setting spray + mascara

to set my makeup and make it stay all day, i use the nyx dewy finish setting spray! it works so good and with a few spritz of this, your makeup is there all day. then i use mascara just so i don’t get the mascara wet with the setting spray. i use the covergirl full lash bloom one and as soon as i learned covergirl was finally cruelty free i picked this up!

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day!!

<33 carlyy☕️🦋

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  1. loved your routine carly! 💕🎄 it looks so pretty and i love how you just use bronzer on your eyes!
    ell x

    1. awwwh thank you so much ella!!

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