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hey guys! i’ve been really into reading old style blog posts lately, like hauls, favorites, etc. so since it’s a been a little bit since i’ve done a favorites post, i’m doing one today! i have a big array of things; skincare, bible studying, songs, snacks and so much more.


basically if you are newer to my blog you wouldn’t know that i used to have like the worst acne ever. my skin is very far from perfect but i started off by treating it with prescription adapolane which worked but it became no longer available as prescription and was expensive and not as good. sooo, i bought this and so far so good! this is a retinol just like i was using before except it’s a much more simple and concentrated and i think a different type of retinoid. it comes in a bottle with a little dropper and i just put on a drop or two after my moisturizer.


this one has nothing to do with skincare and that is how i’ve been doing my bible studies lately. previously i was using a devotional app which i did love but i wanted to switch it up and that’s just what i did! currently, i’ve been just using my bible and my favorite highlighter, zebra midliners and tombows. what i do is really simple, i basically read a few sections each morning or night and highlight the verses that i like or that i just find spiritually important. and i do this every day it just depends on morning or night, i try to read a little at both the morning and night but i’m not perfect.


basically i did the most annoying thing a high school girl can do, a bought a purse style tote for my school bag. i know its annoying but this bag is really cute and it makes me feel put together and smart. this specific bag is from target and the brand is ‘a new day.’ it has one small pocket where i keep an iphone charger and my glasses. it has a good amount of space too, i am a part time public school student so i only carry two folders, a 1 subject and 5 subject notebook, a book or two for english and a computer at the most. but if that sounds relatable, this bag is perfect for it.


a month or two ago, i randomly decided to place an order on pura vida in the middle of class and somehow i did it. but i don’t regret a bit of it. my favorite thing i got was this sterling silver moon ring. i don’t think you’re meant to wear these in the shower but i do and their sterling silver doesn’t tarnish. it’s also really well priced for the value in my opinion. it was on sale and i got it for around $8. also i don’t really recommend the other metals at pura vida for rings but the sterling silver is itttttt!


these are probably the three most random things i could possibly put together but hey i dd it anyway. first up is candles. i’ve just been really into lighting candles in my room lately. they pass the vibe check and make your room smell incredible if you get the right ones. next up is matcha tea. i bought the trader joes matcha a bit ago and was obsessed and so i bought some matcha powder at sprouts and haven’t looked back. it’s actually really good and has a nice light little caffeine boost. lastly is seaweed and the explanation here is just that my friend always has it at her house and i’ve been spending a lot of time there lately. but it is really good and i recommend it, i buy it trader joes.


another thing i have been obsessed with is thrifting. especially through depop. i love depop because you can find really cool clothes there for a much cheaper price than before. this zip up nike sweatshirt was my second or third package i’ve ordered from there and i have not been disappointed. thrifting is also really good for the environment because it reuses materials and creates less waste. i love going to goodwill and stuff but when i am looking for a specific item, i recommend depop.


this is my current favorite netflix show, basically it is just a group of teens on their daily adventures in the 70s. i love the vibe of this show and i can’t recommend it enough!


this is my current favorite podcast and probably will be for a bit longer. crime junkie is a podcast all about true crime and documents a mystery and basically is so interesting and i love listening to the stories.


this is a really new podcast and i already love it! its a lifestyle podcast covering a variety of topics. the host, gretchen, is also super sweet.


  • chanel – frank ocean
  • vibes – dababy
  • love me more – trippie redd
  • bust down deux – trippie redd
  • whuss the deal – shoreline mafia
  • betrayed – lil xan
  • swang – rae sremmurd
  • u can’t be my baby – foggieraw
  • up all night – khalid
  • this girl – elijah who
  • maybe – alina baraz
  • don’t – bryson tiller
  • love – kendrick lamar
  • get you the moon – kina

(my spotify is @carlyallison)

i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some new things !

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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