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hey hi hello! welcome to or welcome back to my blog! for today’s post i’m sharing my current favorite things as of recently, including products, books, music and more.

simple micellar cleansing water- my first product i’ve been loving is this cleansing water. i started using this around a month ago and i’ve noticed my skin improve so much since. i use this every night before i wash my face to help my cleanser be more effective since this gets the dirt and oil out before.

eyelash curler- until like last month i’ve never used an eyelash curler but i got one and i can’t believe it took me this long! i think i was paranoid that all my lashes would fall out but that hasn’t happened luckily. curling the lashes before i put on mascara makes my lashes so much longer when i put it on.

amazon silicone iphone case- i’ve had a wildflower case ever since i got this phone and i still love that case but i wanted to change it up! i ordered this case and i’m obsessed with it. it’s super protective but also minimal and cute.

fuzzy tote bag- earlier this month i got bored since my summer classes ended so i went to the craft store and got a ton of supplies to make clothes/accessories. i’m currently working on a crochet tank top but i finished this fuzzy tote and i love it so much! i don’t have a pattern for it cause i kinda just guessed on how big i wanted each seam and size. i used an old pillowcase for the inside lining and got a fuzzy fabric cut from joann’s. the bag is about 12 by 12 inches and the sides are each about 1.5 inches wide.

urban outfitters daily planner- so i had a 2020 planner at the beginning of the year but i got a new one because i had basically all my plans and travels flipped on its head because of corona. basically trying to use the old one was so confusing so i bought a new one and i’m in love with it! i’ll link it here but it has the cutest cover and flexible weekly plan inside with a spot for a to-do list and such.

amazonite & rose quartz crystals- i got these two crystals from a depop shop (@djonae18) and i love them so much! i’ve only had them for a little bit but they’re really relaxing and the vibes are so much better. amazonite is good for manifestations, stress and the heart chakra. rose quartz is good for enhancing and attracting love of all kinds.

current reads-

  • gone girl by gillian flynn
  • the last post by renee carlino
  • little secrets by jennifer hillier

albums & podcasts-

  • folklore by taylor swift- i haven’t listened to taylor in forever but this album is so so good and i highly recommend listening to katy bellotte’s thick and thin episode on the albums story
  • bloom & depression cherry by beach house
  • how will you know if you never try by coin
  • the sister diary podcast

i hope you enjoyed this blog post and check out some of these things! have an amazing week loves

carly xoxo

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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