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last night i went to an incredible concert and had like one of the best nights of my life. i went down to tacoma and went to the khalid free spirit tour concert at the tacoma dome. i decided to do a blog post on yesterday and about the concert! also if you’re reading this post, i’m currently at camp and this post is scheduled and come back same day same time next week for one more post before i get back.

the concert was actually a sunday night so i woke up sunday morning and just chilled before driving to church. if you didn’t know i’ve recently got my permit so i’ve been driving to things a lot more recently! when i got back from church i just listened to some podcasts and made friendship bracelets. i also posted my blog post of course, this was my june favorites post that went up last week. i also worked on writing up a post to go up while i’m at camp.

then, i went to the gym. i haven’t been to the gym in forever but i desparately need to get back on the gym grind, especially when i get back from camp! for todays workout i started off with around 30 minutes on the stairmaster at a level 8. then i went over the personal training section of my gym and did a butt and ab workout from pinterest. it just had a bunch of simple weighted exercises and took around 30 minutes. then since i was waiting for a ride, i went over to the machines section to do some arm workouts as well. i did a few different arm machines and then did the elliptical until my mom came. also i got in the mood to workout because the day before i bought this new workout set and look how cute it is!

then i had a mega glow up. when i got back from the gym i went straight to the shower cause i needed to get ready. i took a shower but didn’t wash my hair cause i wanted to curl it for the concert. then i changed into my fit for the concert which you will see here! my top is from forever 21 and i know fast fashion is awful and i don’t want to support it but i bought this shirt before i learned about it. my belt is from brandy melville and i’ve been obsessed with it and wearing it all the time! my jean shorts are from american eagle and they’re just the shorty shorts with rips. all my bracelets are either made by yours truly or from random travels. my necklace was made by anise my bestie. then i did my makeup. i actually posted a timelapse video on igtv of getting ready and i do all my hair and makeup on camera so definetely check that out on insta @carlyallisonxo.

then we hit the road for tacoma! we drove to southcenter mall and went to panera for dinner. of course i got my fave thing there, the chile lime salad, no cheese, no chicken! i also of course i have to get some coffee for the night. i got the panera caffe latte with almond milk which by the way is amazing! as you can tell i was really loving this coffee. then we kept driving on to tacoma.

then we got to the concert! we waited at the door for a bit until they opened the doors at 6pm. then when we got in we bought merch and i got a large white tee which i’m wearing as i type this. then we went to our seats which were like the third row which was incredible. also i think our tickets were around $65 which isn’t bad for an incredible concert! then we waited at our seats for about an hour before clairo went on stage around 7:30pm. i went to the concert with my mo and my sister so here are me and my sister breanna, i think she’s been on the blog before but hey, meet breanna!

i’m not going to post a bazillion concert photos on here but here’s a few for you! so i mentioned that clairo was the opener which i was so excited about cause i’ve been getting into her music lately. she was amazing and so cute which i loved! then around a half an hour after her, khalid came out!! all the backgrounds to the show were absolutely incredible. khalid put on literally such a show and if he’s coming to your city and there are still tickets available, definitely get tickets. he is so amazing in concert and the band and dancers and lights were just absolutely perfect!! the concert also just had the best vibes and all the videos and lights were the best. the concert honestly left me super inspired because there was a point where he kinda just talked about being a free spirit and showed a video. after the show was sadly over, we drove home and got back around midnight.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing week and don’t forget to come back next week same day same time for another post while i’m gone:)

xoxo carly

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