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instagram followers pick my outfit w/ sammy

today i have a super exciting post for you guys!! it’s a really fun one where basically i posted polls on my story for my followers to pick which shirt, jeans, etc i should wear. and even more fun, it’s a collab with saltwatersammy!! i absolutely love sammy and her blog/instagram, her posts are so amazing and you should definitely check her out!!

–the polls!!

here are the polls for the options and how you guys voted!

starting off with what shirt i should wear! for the top shirt it was this wrap t-shirt from garage. the bottom option was a striped tank top also from garage. and the winner is… the striped tank top! it won by 14% over the wrap t-shirt!

and for which jeans i should wear, the top was a pair of mom jeans from garage. the bottom was a pair of really ripped boyfriend jeans from american eagle. and the winner is… mom jeans! this poll was closer but they won by 5%.

then, for a jacket because it’s cold in seattle, the top option was my fluffy sherpa i wear all the time! the bottom option was a dark wash jean jacket. and the winner is… the sherpa!! you guys know me too well, it won by 36%.

i also did a poll for jewelry! i had two necklaces and a pair of hoops for the silver option and a pair of dangling hoops and a sun necklace for the gold option. now this one was a very clear choice. the winner is… gold! gold won by 66%.

and for shoes it was another clear winner! for the top choice i had vans and the bottom option was a pair of knock-off uggs. and the winner is… vans!! the pair of dirty pink vans won by 67%.

lastly, for the color of my scrunchie i had either pink or gray. it was close, but the winner is… pink! it won by 12%.

–the outfit you picked!!

and here is… the final outfit you guys picked!! i honestly really love this outfit and i’ll definitely wear it again.

  • sherpa jacket: garage
  • striped tank top: garage
  • mom jeans: garage
  • lace bralette: hollister
  • gold sun necklace: pacsun
  • earrings & scrunchie: claire’s

–sammy’s outfit!!

here is her final outfit!! it turned out so amazing and i love the beachy vibes!! such a cute outfit girl💛💛

i hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check out sammy’s post!!

<33 carlyy⚡️🌻🌙🦋

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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  2. so lovely 🙂

  3. Love the final outfit Carly!

    I loved collabing with you, we definitely need to again in the future. XXX

    1. yess !! you too!! xx

  4. ahhh omg Carly this is such a cute post with Sammy! I loveeee the idea and I think your outfit was super perfect!

    love your fashion-y blog posts! :))))

    ella xxxx

    1. awwh thank you so much!! you’re the best ella!!<33

  5. Aw this turned out great. You look gorggg ❣️ Imma check out Sammy’s now.

    1. thank you so much!!

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