how to get in the christmas spirit w/ ella!!

today i have a super fun and exciting post because first of all it’s a collab with ella!! i love ella so much and this is actually our second collab, we collabed almost a year ago and we’re back ;))

the second super exciting thing is that this is a christmas post!! today’s post will be all about how to get in the christmas spirit and overall festive things to do to get extra excited for the holidays.

1. go to a xmas tree farm/market!

i actually went to a little market with my sister a few days ago and it was really fun. we mostly went to take photos because i saw how cute their trees and lights were earlier that day but it was really fun watching everyone load up their trees and it smelled super yummy! we actually have a fake tree that we’ve had forever but it’s always nice to take a trip to see the real ones.

2. make a playlist of course!

honestly this is probably in every christmas post you read but music just gets you such in the mood!! putting together your perfect playlist is so much fun and i loved making mine. i loaded it with my favorite ariana songs and all the classics like holly jolly christmas and white christmas! and of course the fun ones like jingle bell rock and all i want for christmas is you.

3. do some baking!

when i think of holidays or just fall and winter in general, i think of baking!! i recently made a post that included my fave vegan cookies and pancakes you can check out here, but they’re so yummy. you can have a blast with your friends or family playing your christmas music, cooking up some pancakes in the mornings or cookies in the afternoon!

4. try holiday food + drinks!

around the holidays, so many different restaurants, cafes, stores in general come out with holiday specials. so instead of having a basic you usually do, go for something festive!! it’s the little things like this that really make it feel like christmas <3

5. find YOUR holiday starbucks drink!

i’ve still yet to do this which is sad, but i totally think you must go to starbucks and check out their holiday menu and find your favorite drink! try out some new ones or an old fave, and just yum. for me, i really want to try a peppermint mocha this year 😉

6. go to stores christmas sections!

stores like target put out a huge and incredibly festive christmas section! just walking through these can feel super festive and it’s really cute too.

7. decorate for xmas + winter!

honestly what is like the first half of december without… decorating!! decorate your tree with ornaments and lights, your room with lights and tinsel, etc. it’s so much fun to decorate your tree with your family, your room with your friends and will definitely get you in the spirit every time you look at it!

8. make a bucket list!

here’s some of mine:

  • go ice-skating
  • go sledding + skiing
  • go to university village w/ my bestie 😉
  • have a snowball fight
  • read by candlelight
  • make peppermint hot chocolate

9. watch holiday specials + movies

every year i watch the classics like rudolph the red nosed reindeer and the night before christmas that i’ve been watching for years! i also always check out what new movies are on netflix and watch the christmas specials of my favorite shows too.

10. write your favorite things about the holidays + winter!

this will get you so hyped!! here’s mine:

  • snow days
  • holiday parties
  • school break
  • seeing the fam
  • gift exchanges
  • watching vlogmas + reading blogmas
  • snowy trees

11. look at christmas lights!

picture this, you’re driving around, playing christmas music and looking at christmas lights! doesn’t that just make you feel so… festive! every year my family always drives around looking at lights around my neighborhood and it really gets me in the spirit.

12. wrap presents!

am i the only one who’s like obsessed with wrapping christmas gifts?!? it’s so much fun to do!! i absolutely love picking out gifts for my friends and wrapping them is honestly really fun to me. i’ll always beg my mom to let me wrap all the families gifts we got and i’ll spend forever trying to make them look really good!

i think you can tell by the amount of exclamation points in this post, that i’m extremely excited for christmas!! i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even just reading it got you in the spirit! have an amazing day and don’t forget to make someone smile today 🙂

<33 carlyy🎄❄️☃️

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  1. awww yayayay i loved collating with you carly and this is so cute! i love it!
    ell x

    1. yess me too!! thank you!!

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