how i style doc martens

hii welcome back to my blog! in today’s post i’m sharing a few outfits i love with my doc martens. i got doc martens a month or two ago and i’ve been loving finding cute ways to style them. obviously these outfits can be worn with so many types of shoes too.

my first outfit idea is pairing a crew neck, skirt and docs! i love the look of crew necks and skirts. you can also add a collared shirt under the crew neck because that’s super cute as well. my sweatshirt is just from my dads closet and this flowy, ruffled spotted skirt is from depop! i’ve been obsessed with skirts lately and definitely need to get more asap.

the next outfit is one i was going to wear to an olivia o’brien concert before covid postponed it. i paired a tube top with these cargo pants and a shoelace belt. the top was a thrift flip and the light cargo pants are from pacsun. i’m honestly not sure how i feel about the shoelace belt with this but these pants are a little big on the waist and it looked better than the belt did.

this next outfit is a way to style them in the summer if you’d like! i paired the docs with a pair of ripped shorts, a belt and tee shirt. these are my favorite shorts from pacsun and their festival line! the belt is brandy and the shirt is too but i got it on depop. this would also be a great concert outfit if concerts were happening right now!

the last outfit is such a go to for doc martens and that is just pairing them with a dress! my dress is a red one with little white flowers from brandy and i also wore this nike zip up i thrifted cause it was kinda chilly this day. i think dresses and skirts go the absolute best with doc martens and i love the vibe of it.

i hope you enjoyed this quick outfit post and maybe got an outfit idea you want to try out!

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