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heyy!! i’m so excited to share this journaling post!! i’m basically sharing how i journal!! it’s kinda like a bullet journal and kinda little bit of a diary… i absolutely love journaling so much, it’s so inspirational and therapeutic! i was always recommended to journal by my mom, therapist, etc but i never got into it until july and now i’m obsessed!!

–supplies & essentials

  • tomboy felt tips (my fav for basically everything)
  • black pen (i use for titles)
  • pencil (i write everything in pencil)
  • pinterest photos (i print them to add)
  • extras (stickers, scrapbook paper, polaroids, etc)
  • zebra midliners (highlight title w/ them)

–my habit tracker!

probably my favorite part of my journal is my daily habit tracker! i basically just put some things i wanted to do everyday, habits i want to make. the habits i have are bible study, eating healthy-ish, taking time away from my phone, getting a good nights sleep, if i had a bad anxiety day or not, being productive and taking photos! basically if i do the thing that day, i color in the box and can see how i’m doing for my goals and which ones i’m struggling with.

–what i want in life & my dreams

this is one of my favorite pages!! i seriously recommend making a chart like this where you basically make little branches for each of the 5-6 most important things in your life. then little goals/ideas branches breaking off of those. i made one for faith, volleyball, school, friends/family, health (mostly mental) and blogging. then i made branches off those specifically saying what i want!


on the top i wrote about myself, wow that sounds self-centered! i mean i wrote about the kind of person i am and what kind of person i want to be. i also wrote about some dreams and glued in some quotes from teabags! below i glued in this photo that i think is really cute and inspirational and a sticker. i also wrote some random goals for august/september! (cause that’s when i made this page)

–monthly journal entry pages

here’s basically where i write whenever i want! i’ll write about stuff that happened, what i want more of or less of in my life, highs/lows, traveling, etc. i make one each month and write extra small to fit it all!

–i’m grateful for…

i absolutely love writing down what i’m grateful for! i made half the page for the “little things” that made me smile throughout the day or week. the bottom half it’s a huge list on things i’m grateful for and i love it! i also did a few doodles on the page and added a few stickers and a picture of a wave painting.

–my faith page

i also made a page to add my favorite verses, quotes, etc from my bible study book! these are some of my favorite bible quotes and verses. i love this page and it’s probably the most inspirational pages!

i hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration! now get out there and journal 🙂

<33 carlyyy⚡️🌻☕️

Carly Allison

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  1. Love love love this! Given me so much inspiration for my journal journey x x

    1. ahhh thank you so much!! i’m sooo glad💛💛

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