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Last night (while as I’m writing this) was homecoming!! If you’re not from America, homecoming is basically a fall dance! I actually had a volleyball tournament all day on the same exact day as hoco, love that for me… But that meant I got there late and was getting ready in the dark, so to keep me there without missing over 1/2 the dance I left out all the makeup and stuff I used and took the photos this morning! Don’t worry though, this is still perfectly accurate!! Sadly, because we had the tournament, I didn’t have time to get ready and then go somewhere pretty or out for food or anything but I still had an amazing night and we got 3/4th in the tournament.

So basically on my way home from the tournament, we picked up my best friend and got coffee because I was so so so tired! Then I went home and took the fastest shower in history and she helped me get ready. It was really rushed because her date was waiting (i’m sorry lol)!!

Starting off with what I did for makeup! I first used primer because if I wanted my makeup to stick throughout all the dancing I knew I was going to do. Second since I had a few breakouts that I didn’t really want showing up to hoco, I used a color corrector. I used green for redness and put some on the spots before foundation and it really helped! I honestly wouldn’t recommend this color corrector but it’s all I had so you know, do what you have to do.

Next, I went in with foundation! I never wear foundation anymore but since it’s homecoming I went for it. I wanted full coverage so I used the Wet n Wild one. Since there was still just a few little red spots poking through, I just dabbed a bit of concealer on it! To blend both of these, I just used a RealTechniques sponge. Most days I just wear concealer and eyebrows and this concealer is my all time favorite.

Then I used translucent powder to set my foundation. Honestly, this powder has some back flashbacks but it’s all I had so I just used the smallest amount I could! I didn’t really take any photos so who knows, maybe I did still look like flashback Mary all night… But after powder (idk if that’s the right order but this is just what I did) I went in with bronzer and blush!! I used a sunset kinda color with like a peachy undertone. I also used a bronzer with a similar undertone to match!

Afterwards, I’ll go in with highlighter! I just use my finger to apply and blend the Colourpop highlighter to my skin. I highlighted my upper-cheekbones (is that what they’re called??), my inner corners to begin eyeshadow, cupid’s bow and the tip of my nose (best spot!!). As for eyebrows I decided to be a bit extra for hoco, by using a pomade instead of a pencil! I basically just filled them in as normal, just with pomade and this angled brush instead.

For eyeshadow I did a shimmery, gold, nude look! I used the Morphe 35O pallets to create the look because it had the perfect matte and shimmery orange toned nudes for the look! Still kept it simple though, here’s the 3 shades I used to make it:

  1. I used a light orange undertoned nude all over my lid with a fluffy brush.
  2. Then I blended a darker orange undertoned nude in my crease.
  3. Lastly I used a bright super shimmery gold on the center of my lid.

To finish off the eyes, I did some eyeliner! I actually never use liner, so I attempted a wing and I think it looked okay!! Then I used a pencil liner on my waterline and on the like between my eye and the winged liner line on the top. Then I went in with mascara, I use these two Clinique mascaras whenever I use mascara and I love the way it looks! But since I wanted this to stay all night, I went over it with a stoke of waterproof. I’m not too sure if that’s technically how it works but it kinda worked!

To finish off my face, I sprayed it all over with setting spray!! As I’ve said a bazillion thousand times I wanted this to stay through plenty of dancing and singing. Lastly I attempted to use lipstick but I forgot I hated lipstick so I wiped it off right away… But it left a tint so I just added lip balm on top and I think it looked pretty okay!

Okay so the hair was a bit of a disaster, so since I had just played like 5 straight games of volleyball I definitely needed to take a long shower. So my hair was still wet when it was time to curl it and we couldn’t find the blow dryer so we just went with it. But like please don’t do that so I’m just going to explain what I meant to do! So with my friends help to speed it along, I just curled my hair in two layers except for leaving a small section out that I just dutch braided it.

As for nails, because of the tournament I couldn’t get acrylics so I was on my own! I basically pre-painted a set of acrylics and glued them on before hoco. Then for jewelry I wore these beautiful drop hoop style earrings which I love so much!! They’re gold and I bought them at Claire’s actually. And for a necklace since I was wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, I wore this one with gold stars on it.

Lastly, for my dress, it’s an off-the-shoulder burgundy one that’s long in the back and short in the front! I’m absolutely in love with it and I bought it from Windsor Stores online here!! For shoes I bought these black heels which weren’t too bad to dance in. I actually finished the night with my shoes still on. I had such a fun night dancing and yelling out songs with my best friends and one of their dates lol! It was a very late and good night though!!

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  1. Jamie says:

    Love this, you looked great hun! X

    Jamie |

    1. aww thank you!!

  2. Love your outfit and the photography on this is amazing!

    1. aww thank you so much!!

  3. Emily says:

    Wow! It sounds like so much fun and you look so pretty! xo

    1. aww thank you!! <33

  4. That sounds so fun!! And you look gorgeous!!

    1. aww yess & thank you so much!!

  5. Aw I love your dress! Glad to hear you had a good night!

    1. aww thank you so much!!

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