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homecoming 2019 + grwm

welcome back, it’s been a min but i’m back with my hoco 2019 post! i went to homecoming last week and it was an incredible night. it was one of my friends homecoming with her friend group at another school and it was so much fun and everyone was so great! in this post i have the experience and like night in my life but also a little mini grwm and look for the night.

getting ready

my homecoming started off at around 1:30 when i went over to my friends friends house to join part of the group to get ready. i believe there was around four or five of us all getting ready and doing our makeup and hair! we obviously jammed out the whole time cause what is getting ready without music honestly. i actaully has never met any of the girls or guys in my hoco group except the one who invited me because it was another schools homecoming if that makes sense! but they were all so sweet which was incredible.

lil grwm//look:

for makeup i did a pretty natural look featuring;

  • concealer
  • blush
  • bronzer
  • highlighter
  • mascara
  • (my eyebrows are already dyed)
  • a little neutral eyeshadow look with my naked palette
  • lip gloss

then for my hair i kept it super simple by just straightening it. i’ve been loving straightening my hair lately which probably isn’t best for my hair buuuut what can i say…

as for the look, i had this blue short and flowy dress featuring a cut out back and straight spaghetti neckline. i wore this necklace with little diamonds my mom gave me and these drop earrings with a hoop at the bottom that are hard to see. i also wore a kate spade bracelet with like the little bow on it. lastly i had plain black heels.

dress – windsor store

shoes – dsw//designer shoe warehouse


after getting ready we went to take pictures! we met up with the rest of our group which was huuuge. for our hoco photos we went to a park by a little lake and i think they turned out super good! there was a total of like 16 of us taking photos all around this park and everyone there was so confused buuut…


for dinner we went to this really nice and cute italian restaurant called ‘cafe veloce’ and i seriously recommend it! i got a basic spaghetti with marinara sauce and plenty of bread. ngl i definitely had to loosen my dress just a little after this dinner cause it was so good and they kept refilling our bread!

the dance

on our way to the dance we took a quick lil stop at starbucks! we knew we wanted to all out at the dance and literally dance til we drop. therefore we stopped for coffee. i got a latte of course, nothing new lol… but then we headed right to the dance! somehow we got to the front of the line and got in at the very beginning, i have no clue how we got in there soo. but yeah so this photo was taken at the beginning but the gym was packed 10 minute later. the dj was super good and they had those lights and strobes and the like thing that puffs into the crowd.

i hope you guys enjoyed this post and thanks to my friends for an incredible night! have a great week<33

xoxo carly

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