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fall road trip to leavenworth

hey ! last week i had a day off school so my friends and i went on a road trip to leavenworth. it’s a cute little city in washington on the other side of the mountains so we drove through the mountain pass. it was a beautiful fall day and we took so many cute photos so i had to make a post on the day!

road trip

before we started our road trip, we stopped for breakfast at chick fil a. i believe it was around a 3 hour drive from my friends house to leavenworth without the stops we ended up taking. the drive was genuinely one of the prettiest drives i’ve been on and the views along the way were gorgeous. we brought our blankets with us in the car so we cozied up and listened to music and looked out the window for the drive.

mountain break

after making it through most of the pass, we pulled over for some pics in the cutest little spot ever! the pass we went through was stevens pass and this river area was outside of skyhomish which is like a little ski and mountain town. it even started snowing throughout a part of the drive which was crazy since i don’t hear fall and think snow.


tank top – f21 from my friend

jeans – pacsun mom style

jacket – garage

shoes – nike af1s

belt – brandy melville


for lunch we went to the most incredible mexican restaurant. i believe it was called paula’s family mexican and it was past leavenworth. i got a veggie fajita salad with pinto beans which is like my favorite thing ever. also can i just say, the salsa here was amazing. i wish i could go back her literally right now cause it was that good. if you can’t tell i love food, especially this.

downtown leavenworth

then after our late lunch we decided to take leavenworth. we tried earlier but could not find parking to save our lives. this time we did. we went apple picking and picked out some apples to bring home and these were the best apples ever likeeee! then we went to the main town area of leavenworth. lat time i was here i went to this cafe called the 95 i think, so i went back and got one of their fall drinks. sooo good! the town is just so cute and a little mountain town so i recommend stopping by if you get the chance.

i hope you guys enjoyed this post and thanks for reading<33

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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  1. Cherish says:

    This looks soo fun! I would honestly love to go on a road trip with my friends ♥

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