easy meals i’ve been loving

hi welcome back to my blog. for today’s post i’m sharing some meals i’ve been loving lately that are all really easy to put together. all of these take very little time to put together, are packed with nutrition and all plant based.

my first meal idea is a breakfast one. i put together a yogurt bowl that i’ve been having basically every morning with just different fruits so i never get bored of it. also wanted to share this giant bowl of pineapple that was so good, been obsessed with fresh pineapple lately, literally tastes like candy. back to the yogurt bowl, i use the forager cashew milk yogurt for the base which is my new favorite. for toppings i added banana, hemp seeds, blueberries and almond butter. i change up the toppings all the time and just stick to the almond butter and hemp/chia seeds everytime.

my second breakfast was this pitaya blueberry bowl. to make the base i put frozen pitaya, frozen blueberries, banana, hemp protein powder, maca powder and a little almond milk or water. i blend this and put it in a bowl, i also swap the pitaya for frozen acai which is also really good. as for toppings i add some granola, almond butter, chia seeds, gogi berries and whatever fresh fruit i have. for this bowl i didn’t have any except for raspberries but i usually do banana, blueberries and strawberries.

my next meal is a really easy lunch idea, avocado toast and a salad. for the toast i make my favorite avocado toast combo which i have a post on here but this time i used bakery bread since i was on a trip. to pair with this i made a quick salad, i love this salad combo for pairing with toast, lentil pasta, and basically anything else. basically i just do any lettuce (i love kale cabbage mixed with spinach), any vegetables (i love tomato, avocado, cucumber and bell pepper), hemp seeds and dressing (i love a homemade balsamic or avocado by cindy’s kitchen).

my fourth meal is a great dinner or lunch option i’ve been obssessed with for a few months now. i start off by making a bed of kale/cabbage salad mix with hemp seeds in a bowl. then i stir-fry some tofu and broccoli with a stir-fry sauce. then i just add that on top of the greens and that’s it. the sauce carries it so make sure you’re using one you love!

i hope you enjoyed these meals and have an amazing week

xoxo carly

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