easy holiday gift ideas

since it’s almost the holidays i thought i’d put together a post of easy gift ideas perfect for friends, family and pretty much anyone tbh!! these are all under $30 dollars and perfect for the broke girl trying to get all her friends the perfect gifts.

1. product you love

buying someone a product you love is so perfect for your friends. some i would recommend are mini tarte palettes, a mascara or a specific product they’ve been wanting

2. facemasks

facemasks are the absolute best gifts for friends or moms! i recommend getting a bunch of the pouched ones at Target.

3. phone cases

phone cases are another perfect gift because all you need to know is what kind of phone they have. i recommend for cheaper ones, go to f21, brandy melville and instagram shops.

4. candles

i love giving and receiving candles! it’s such a cute gift for family especially.

5. room decor

i love picking out room decor for my friends! just go to target, especially the dollar spot for some really cute cheap decor. you can pick out maybe 3 things and it’s under $10 but seems like more!

6. fluffy robe

fluffy robes make the cutest gift for literally everyone!! their incredible soft at costco and fred meyer and under $20 too!! i promise nobody will not love a fluffy robe.

7. a pouch of products

a gift idea i’ve given and absolutely love is to buy a makeup bag and fill it!! you can get some small goodies like hand lotion, a mascara, etc. to fill it with.

8. sephora makeup minis

i seriously recommend going to sephora and in the displays by the checkout picking up a mini! they have mini versions of the best high end products.

9. bath bombs

bath bombs are another great relaxing gift! pamper-related gifts are the best gifts in my opinion for almost anyone.

10. portable charger

portable chargers are the most helpful things ever!! everyone in the world would be thrilled to receive a portable charger because their just so useful for anyone on the go.

11. pj pants

similar to a robe, you can get them a pair of pj pants or pj shorts! their the best in the winter time, especially xmas ones.

12. tea/coffee

buying them either your favorite tea or coffee or theirs is a great gift! everyone loves food or drinks because you know, everyone eats and drinks haha.

13. 2019 planner

since it’s almost 2019, everyone would love a 2019 planner! planners are great for anyone who needs a little organization in their life. i have one from happy planner and it’s amazing!

14. brandy/f21 jewelry

dainty rings and necklaces make another great gift! my favorites are from brandy and forever 21 because their stunning and really inexpensive.

15. cute little shirts

getting your friends cute shirts from stores such as garage, hollister, f21 and brandy are perfect gifts!

i hope you enjoy and these ideas help you out! happy holidays!!

<33 carlyy⚡️🦋👼🏻

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  1. Yasss these ideas are perfect! I always end up doing the classic gift cards for presents but I’ll def keep this list handy for birthdays and other gifts. Great post!

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