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hey guys welcome back to yet another day in my life post. today’s post is going to be a friday in my life cause this was a fun day i thought would be interesting for me to write about and for you guys to maybe read.

my friday started off by going to school. i am a part time public school student so i go for a few hours in the morning and then the rest of my classes are online so i can do them whenever. the classes i take at my high school are honors humanities which includes ap european history and honors english and earth and space science. i take my math and my electives online which i absolutely love!

after i got out of school my mom came and picked me up to go on a little shoot with my mom. before we went to the flower shop/nursery, we went to panera for lunch. i got my usual chili lime salad but with no cheese or chicken cause vegan. i also swap the dressing for a balsamic just cause i like it better. then i got a latte too cause i was tired. i actually ended up leaving my purse at panera which was terrifying and the smiling me above did not know that yet…

so this shoot quickly went downhill… i took these few photos which i really liked. my mom and i went to like a flower nursery cause i knew the greenery would look super good. but then things went downhill, i soon realized that i had forgotten my purse at panera. that cut our shoot very short and we had to drive quickly back to panera and pray nobody took it. but i was able to get my purse back, thank GOODDD.

after my traumatizing purse experience, we ended up just going home and chilling for a few hours. i was trying to get ahead on some break homework cause i will be travelling on break and i didn’t want to have to do homework the whole time so i worked for a few hours on different homework. i did a bunch of online math, some ap notes and some english reading. then it was time to get ready for the night.

then i like lowkey went on a date. we went to the movies and we saw charlies angels. i wasn’t sure if the movie was gonna be good cause i wanted to see the joker but i wasn’t 17 to get in. but charlies angels was actually so good and i really liked it. afterwards we went to cheesecake factory for dinner! i of course got avocado toast which was incredible of course.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day!

xoxo carly

Carly Allison

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  1. Nice post! 🙂 You should do ‘a day in my life’ more often, I like it!!

    1. thank you so much!

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