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happy 2020! for my first post of 2020 i have a post collecting up some of the things i’ve purchased or received as gifts in the past few months that i wanted to share. these are super random things but i wanted to share cause i love reading these type of posts.

the first few things i purchased were these three tops! the first one is this v-neck sweater from target. it looks kinda blue on camera but its a black and super soft sweater. i love the fit and style of this sweater. the next top i got was this nike zipup. i thrifted this sweatshirt on the app ‘depop’ which is my favorite thrifting app, i actually just found three more things that are in the mail now on there! it’s a large or extra large black sweatshirt which i absolutely love because it’s so comfy. it also goes with literally anything which i absolutely love! the last shirt i have here is this grey t-shirt from brandy melville. it has this super cute little v-neck like divot in it which i love. i also just thrifted a knit tank top and a t-shirt i cropped at goodwill last night but i don’t have photos to include yet.

next up i have some pants that i got. first up, my old jeans no longer fit me so i went to pacsun to pick up some new ones cause i needed a bigger size. the first pair was a basic pair of light wash mom jeans which give me such a vintage vibe that i love. the next one was a pair of medium wash mom jeans but with a tie. the waist is scrunched and has a tie belt which i think is really cute and adds something to a basic pair of jeans. then i got a pair of black ripped jeans which i think are my favorite. i’ve been a lot more into neutrals lately if you can’t tell by all the black and grey. then i thrifted a pair of black lulu lemon leggings! i was so incredibly exciting to find these at a high end thrift store. my friend and i are also convinced that a pair of leggings i thrifted last night were lulu’s cause the were unlabeled and had the same stitching pattern as aligns. i also just got a plain black pair of soffe shorts at dicks sporting goods cause they are comfy and go with anything.

next up i have accessories! i got this black purse from target which i love. it has a little chain that goes across it which i thought added a cute touch. the next thing is this hair scarf. my mom got me this a bit ago so i have no clue where it’s from but i’ve been wearing it so much lately. i just think it’s really cute and kinda gives the granola aesthetic that i’ve been loving.

next up, i got a white nike headband from dicks sporting goods. i got this for volleyball but i’ve been wearing it just in general cause i think that it’s really really cute. lastly, i got this clear target phone case. at the begining of the month i got the iphone 11 as an early christmas gift since my 6 was really struggling which was so exciting and i am so grateful for. i needed a cheap case for it so i got this one and i honestly really like it!

this next thing is kinda random but for christmas i got this candle from my grandma. this is one of the best smelling candles i have ever smelled so i just had to show it in this haul. it is from the signature soy brand candle in the scent ‘vanilla oak.’ this smells like a vanilla that isn’t too sweet and has a bit of a musky oak undertone which is a perfect balance of smells.

the last thing i have for this haul is my new skincare! i bought this fresh soy cleanser a few weeks ago and i’ve been in love with it ever since. it’s such a nice gentle cleanser that has such a fresh smell. my skin feels so soft after using it and relaxed. i feel like this cleanser would be perfect for any and all skin types. then, my mom got the black tea set but she decided she wasn’t the biggest fan of it and gave them all to me. i’ve started using them and i personally love them! it has a ‘treatment essence’ which i’m not exactly sure what that means but i feel like it’s helping my skin, a moisturizing cream, an eye cream and an overnight mask. all of these have made my skin feel so good, moisturized and refreshed.

i hope you enjoyed this haul and have an amazing year loves!
xoxo carly

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