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You want to start a blog? Grow one you already have? Create better content? Well if so, this is the post for you!! *Very smooth Carly* No but really, a few days ago I posted on my instagram story asking for your questions about blogging and what kind of advice you’d like. You guys sent some great questions and I’m genuinely so excited to answer them all!! Now I’m not a huge expert but I’ve been blogging for over 3 years so I’ve definitely done plenty of research and found things out for myself along the way. Here’s just what I’ve learned on each topic and what my personal advice would be!

why did you start blogging?

I started blogging back in 2015 because I had just discovered youtube and I wanted to be like them! That’s what 11 year old me thought when she made “artsysmartz” (same site, just new name). Now the name, I seriously have absolutely no clue where it came from and why I chose it but I did and it became a thing. Until January 2018 when I changed it to its current name, “lovecarlyallison” which I love so much!! My first post was called “how to draw a mandala” because I was obsessed with art at the time and I took the photos with my old Samsung Tab 2 HAHAHAH. So yeah, that’s the history of my blog 🙂

did you do any coding with your blog?

There’s no way I’m patient or smart enough to do that!! When I went self hosted I set it up without personally coding anything lol. Major props to you if you coded your own blog cause wowowow!!

how do you grow your audience?

I’d say my top three are, comment on others blogs/instagram (BUT DON’T SELF ADVERTISE!! SPREAD THE LOVE), use Pinterest right and just focus on making content you’re proud of. My two biggest referents are Pinterest and Instagram so I put in some (not too much) time to take/make photos for those! Making vertical eye-catching Pinterest images has grown my blog post views so much!! But when it comes down to it, I think it’s so important not to get absorbed in the numbers of blogging. Put your effort into making your content the best it can be and the audience will come!! Overall just enjoy it!!

tips on working with brands like zaful?

Over the summer if you remember, I did a collaboration with Zaful and I got so many questions about how I got in contact with them and tips!! Which thank you so incredibly much to them and you guys for giving me opportunities like that!! But I can’t say much to getting in contact because they contacted me. I got the email at a concert and I freaked. But for tips, I’d say just update the brand like when you get the item, when you finish the post and when it’s up. Also just in general with literally any and every contact in life BE KIND!! This should come obvious but never be rude when working with a brand, you get yourself a reputation and you in general just should always spread love <3

how much has your blog grown and why?

I honestly don’t keep track of numbers but my blog has grown like crazy and I’m so so grateful that people take time out of their day to read my posts!! So sorry I’m not very helpful but I honestly don’t know… As for why/how, read above but the just was: use Pinterest, focus on best content you can make and spread love in the community!

how to make a good website?

Well there are many great ways to but for me, I used siteground with and I’ve had a great experience with it!

do you prefer writing the posts or taking the photos?

100% photos!! I absolutely love love photography and taking photos makes me soooo happy!! I wish I could take photos all day everyday tbhh.

i really struggle with the photo side and could use some tips!

  • set up a nice background
  • take photos midday/early afternoon
  • use props minimally
  • carry your camera around more
  • when you’re traveling, take advantage of all the beautiful surroundings!!!
  • don’t be afraid to ask family or friends to take photos for you
  • get in an area for good lighting
  • take a bunch of different angles

how to gain email followers?

Ooo I like this one!! I’d say make sure to make a box for people to put it their email and make it very accessible on any page!

any tips to stay motivated? xx

Honestly just to take breaks, if you’re pushing yourself to type a post when you don’t feel like it you’re going to get burnt out. It’s not the end of the world if a post goes up a day or two later. Everyone gets busy or has rough days!! Also just enjoy it!! Blog about whatever you’d like to blog about, take the style of photos you want. Blogging is meant to be super fun!!

how early do you plan your posts?

I’m not the best at this, maybe a week before I plan to start working on it? I have a list of all my ideas in my journal and when I don’t know what to do for a days post, I’ll just run through that list!

how do you organize time for blogging?

TIME MANAGEMENT!!!! I believe you can have time to do whatever you want if life if you make time! Spend less time on your phone, watching TV, etc! I have a whole post on time management which I highly recommend you check out but basically just working more efficiently. Personally I do as much school work as possible at school so I don’t have to worry about it as much at home for example.

what’s your process to blogging?

  1. come up with idea
  2. generally plan the post
  3. take the photos
  4. transfer to my phone
  5. edit the photos
  6. make a featured + pinterest image
  7. type the post
  8. put it into google translate and listen for mistakes/read through it myself
  9. post!! :))

I really hope these tips helped you out and I answered all your questions about blogging!! Happy blogging <3

lovee, carlyyy⚡️🦋🌻

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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  1. I started my blog in 2015 and changed the name of it too! 13 year old me called it The Average Girl and now I prefer my new name😂 Love all the tips you have given and co Yeats on working with Zaful! x

    1. omg i literally remember when that was the name!! i’ve followed your blog forever!! <33

  2. Loved this! I’m gonna try to use your tips for the pictures, we’ll see how it goes 🙂

    1. omg awesome!! good luck x

  3. loved loved loved your post carly! such great tips and i totally understand about the whole just blogging for fun and not letting the numbers affect you! how do you use pinterest exactly? i would love to know more!
    ella x 👑🌻💿

    1. omg aww thank you!! i use it by creating cover images (i insert them at the end of my posts) that are vertical dimensions and have eye-catching photos, fonts and words and pinning them to my own and group boards along with staying active by just pinning other peoples stuff! that part isn’t hard at all cause i loveee pinterest!
      carly x⚡️🌻🌿

      1. aww that’s super cool! maybe i will start doing that!! <3 how much has it increased by? x

        1. i don’t know exacts but lots!! pinterest has become my #1 referrer very quick 🙂

          1. that’s super cool! x x

  4. Wow! This is such a great and informative post, I found it really helpful and I love your writing style! Xxxx

    1. thank you so much!! aww i’m super glad xx

  5. Love this post hun, it’s so interesting! Xx

    Jamie |

    1. yay! thank you!!

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