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guess what guys!! another faith post!! this is my second ever faith-related post on here and i’m so excited!! since i got a pretty good response on my first faith post on how i connect with my faith, i mentioned bible studying and i got a few requests to do a post on how i do it. soooo here you go!! i love doing bible studies to connect with my faith by reading and dissecting the word <33


  • physical bible/bible app
  • highlighter (mines a zebra midliner)
  • faith playlist
  • journal/notebook
  • devotional (optional)

–getting into the vibes

some things i do to really set the mood are playing my faith playlist, lighting a candle and turning on my lights. playing my faith playlist is the biggest one for me!

• the bible study: psalm 22 •

so for this post, i photographed the steps i take to do my bible studies while doing a study on psalm 22 on saturday!

1. getting set up

after setting the mood, it was time to set up my page! to set up my page for my study, i start by adding a title and a date to the top. then, i highlighted the title and what section i’m doing!

2. reading & highlighting

let’s ignore that i took this photo after i finished and focus on the point of the reading and highlighting!! so as i’m reading, i highlighted all things i found as key to the section or meant a lot to me. these are later on going to be the things i write down in my journal!

3. writing notes & organizing them

so first off i write down the verses (summarized) i highlighted as i read the highlighted ones. if i had something to add to what i had read or a thought, i add another bullet below where it came from and write it down. when i had a verse that was especially meaningful to me, i added a little star to it and wrote the name of the verse at the end.

4. what to highlight/final product

after i had finished writing everything i felt needed, i chose which ones i wanted to highlight. i always highlighted the verses i wrote out along with anything else i added a symbol to. other things i highlighted were words i found important like “trust,” “wonders” and “righteousness.”


here are just some more examples of pages i’ve done recently on others from psalms and the first one which is from a study video from Milena Ciccotti. that video was one of the best studies i’ve done on galatians 5!

i hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you out in your next study!!

<33 carlyy

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  1. Hi Carly! Wonderful blogpost! Thanks for the tips! Also, loved the aesthetic of the pics! 🙂

    1. thank you so much!! <33

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