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hey guys and welcome back to my life lol. like a week and a half ago i went to ocean shores, washington aka the beach for a few days. it was a great trip and i spent literally everyday at the beach! this specific day i went to the beach like twice so it’s definitely a full on beach day which is incredible. i hope you guys enjoy one of my last travel posts for while… i only have one more trip until volleyball season.

i started off my morning by going into town to bring back breakfast to family. if you didn’t know i have had my permit and done drivers ed for a bit now so i’ve just been driving a bunch to practice for when i end up taking my test. i drove into town from our condo that was at the point and drove to the mcdonalds and we went through the drive through and got food to bring back to my sisters and my grandma. then when we got home i kinda just hung out a bit at the condo and did some work for the blog while watching the waves out the window, how cute.

then we all decided to go to the beach!! my sister brought her board and i went in the water with her to help her and have her take a few pics for me… what else is new honestlyyyy. but i wanted to swim so bad but i’ve mentioned it a thousand times but i gotten surgery and i couldn’t get the stitches wet which was straight sad. but its okay i still went in and held my arm above my head… then after the water i went back ahead to shower and stuff before everyone else got back to the condo.

then i just went back and showered and did my makeup and all that. when my family came back we all ate lunch and all that good stuff cause i was hungryyy. afterwards i chilled by the window more. i worked on blog stuff, had coffee, made some friendship bracelets and listened to music. overall some great chill time in my opinion cause literally look.

then your girl went back to the beach but alone this time for the afternoon. i packed up my mini backpack with all the essentials including my phone, airpods, journal, water bottle, snacks, a baggy tee to go over my bikini and walked down to the beach. i kinda just layed in the sun on my towel and listened to a podcast and dear mom if you’re reading i was wearing sunscreen. i worked a bit on my bullet journal and stuff. then i went for a super long beach walk. i must have walked halfway to town but it was so so nice to walk with my feet in the waves just down the beach!

to finish off the perfect beach day i went home from the beach and changed from my bikini to shorts and a big tee. then we went to this super good mexican restaurant in downtown ocean shores. i can’t remember the name but i got this amazing veggie fajita salad which was literally incredible like i can’t even explain how god this was i miss it right now. afterwards we went home and just chilled for the night and watched the sunset.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day!

xoxo carly

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