easy healthy meals (vegan!)

I recently decided to gradually go vegan!! I’m not going to go too much into it, but I was already vegetarian so I slowly started cutting out forms of dairy and how much I had it. Finally cutting dairy has really left me feeling so much better since I’m actually allergic to dairy lol! Obviously this post isn’t for me to tell you “go vegan”, I just wanted to share my favorite recipes and since I’m eating vegan, they’re vegan 🙂


This is my new favorite breakfast because it has a good amount of protein!! I love the banana-nut flavor mixed with the oatmeal. I promise this will keep you full all morning!!

1. I start by boiling my water and making my oatmeal! I used plain oatmeal and put that in a bowl.

2. While that’s cooking I’ll cut up my banana. I cut it into slices and put them on top of the oatmeal.

3. I finish off by adding my chia seeds and peanut butter!!

I love how cute this bowl is too, you bet I’m taking photos of it!


1. I cook my quinoa by boiling 1 cup of water and then adding 1 cup of quinoa! Then I let this cook for 10-15 minutes.

2. While the quinoa is cooking, I wash some black beans and corn and warm those in the microwave!

3. After everything is done cooking, I add the quinoa to a bowl. Then I mix in the beans and corn!

This is such a good, protein-packed with veggies!! You can also add any other veggies you’d like.

I hope you enjoyed and try some of these recipes out!!

how to be happy, healthy and thriving!

These are always my favorite posts, sharing my ways to feel happier with your life and be a healthier person. Overall I’ve kinda been learning what it means to thrive in life and I wanted to share to hopefully help you out! This is kinda a part two to my August, October, and January posts for me to share recently what I’ve been doing.

Starting off, I recommend thinking about what you want in life and what are some keys of your dream life! I made a diagram with a bunch of categories like blogging, anxiety/happiness, health, etc. Then make sections off of those with specific goals, you can even use photos to represent them.

Another way to motivate yourself to do any of this is to remind yourself that when you feel good, your whole life feels better!! Meaning that when you put goodness into your body, goodness will come out of it.

Whenever I’m feeling down or just “off” I FaceTime or hangout with a supportive friend. They always give the best advice and it’s perfect to have that one or two friend who just always makes you feel better!

Relating to what I said earlier, what you think and put into your body manifests on the outside!! For example if you want to look happy, get clear skin, be fit you need to put good thoughts and goodness into you body.

I’ve recently started doing this and that is to use an app to track if you’re getting every vitamin you need! There are so many vitamins that if you’re missing can cause things like insomnia, clouded thinking, increased stress and so much more. I use “Sustainabody” and it tells me what I need to eat to get the vitamins.

For eating healthy , I recommend packing a healthy lunch so you’re stuck with it. If you bring a salad to school for lunch, your only option will be to eat a salad!

Also make sure to stock up on healthy snacks! I buy things like Naked juice, oranges, plain popcorn, fruit, bagels, etc. Then it’s easier not just grab cookies cause you can grab something just as easy.

I hope these tips help you out and thanks for reading!!

<3 carly