room tour 2017

I’m a huge sucker for just tours in general; house, room, apartment you name it. I find them so helpful for decorating my own room, too. I also recently re-did my room this summer and wanted to do this before decorating for fall and winter, so here you go! I would say my room has a bit of a boho, minimal kinda look to it which is definitely a great representation of my style.

Also, if the lighting isn’t great in some photos, I’m sorry!! There have been a ton of wildfires in my area which made this thick layer of smog in the sky, so the lighting is super bad and fuzzy.

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Above is just a quick overview of where everything is set up and such. I have a big space in the middle area of my room which I love for when friends are over, sleepovers, at-home workouts, etc.

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First of all, to the left of my door, I have my laundry basket which is kind of random but I really like the material and use it as another surface a lot, too. On it I have really cute unicorn slippers, their too small for me but I love unicorns so I just keep them there.

Next to that I have my nightstand (from Fred Meyer!) I really love the vintage-ish vibe of it, which matches the rest of my room so well. In the bottom section, I keep all my library books because I’m a huge bookworm.

On the left surface, I have a DIY tissue jar, a “say yes to new adventures” quote card in a silver daisy display and orchid plant that currently has no flowers. On the right, I have my water which isn’t always there but it moves around and my black desk-style lamp. Above my nightstand I have a dream-catcher that I made when I was little.

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Then to the right, I have my favorite part; my bed! I have this off-white fuzzy blanket/comforter from Costco and for pillows I have two light pink pillows and on top of those I have these purple ones which I love so much! In front of those four, I have a darker tan throw and a stuffed Pug I got from the fair.

Above my bed, I have these simple fairy lights from Target, a DIY hanging and then by my window, I have a DIY phases of the moon hanging. Also you don’t see most of them, but I also have these fake flowers hanging from my ceiling above my bed. Under my bed, I also have 3 bins that store random stuff, hamster stuff and workout clothes/sports gear and my violin.

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Above my bed on the side I have my window; I love my window being right there so I can look out from my bed (kinda like a window seat). On my windowsill, I have my landline phone (so I can talk to people without using all my minutes) and a plant. I have a huge thing for plants and I love having them in my room! I also have my blinds which have a cool, old-fashioned draping valance.

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Then, to the right I have my desk – the busiest part of my room. First, I have my 3-cube organizer, on top I have 2 fake plants (Michaels) and my planner. Inside, I have all my drawing, craft and school supplies in these crates also from Michaels. Leaned against my bed on the other side I have my Prismacolors.

Next, I have my desk, I spend a lot of time there doing homework, writing blog posts, drawing, etc. On my desk I keep my phone, surface, journal & pencils, pencil jar and lamp. I also keep more supplies in the drawer and art books in the “open drawer”. Underneath my desk on the bottom board of it I keep my CD player (yes I still listen to the radio a lot), camera bag/supplies and trash can. I also normally have some frames above my desk but I took it down as it reveals private information.

Then, I have my chair which is pretty plain except for these holes in the back and really uncomfortable so I added a blue seat pad.

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On the wall next to my desk, I have this little heart-shaped photo/quote collage. I found some cute quotes and photos on Pinterest and some fake flowers as well as the owl around my room. I just taped them up with some cute tape in the shape of a heart on my wall.

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Next, I have my dresser, it’s a pretty big one which I love. In it I store all my pants, pj’s, shorts etc. as well as all my products (I share a bathroom with my 2 younger sisters) and makeup. Above my dresser I have a shelf (it’s not in this photo but it’s in the first one). On it I just have a DIY frame, coke bottle with my name on it and my Polaroid camera.

On my dresser I first have my hamster cage; I have a hamster named Pepper! For decor, I have this wood tray with a teacup holding random jewelry (Dyso) and a random photo I found on Pinterest and this white owl candle holder (Michaels). On the top section I have these cute books stacked with a DIY flower C on top and my clock (Amazon).

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To the right of my dresser is my full length mirror. I’m slightly too tall for it which is really annoying! Every morning, I sit on the carpet in front of the mirror and get ready and listen to music😂

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Lastly on the final wall, I have my closet which is pretty big. Half of it is filled with clothes (tops) and the other half holds my bookshelf and is used for storage. On the mini wall to the right, I have this little jewelry hanger. Also, on the back of my door, I have my favorite hoodies on a hanger.

I hope you enjoyed and got some room inspiration!

<3 Carly

how to be productive

It can be really hard to be productive when you’re just not feeling it, so I have some tips to be productive and hopefully beat procrastination.

Also, I went through my blog and to give myself a fresh start, I deleted all the posts I wasn’t proud of. I’m determined to follow my posting schedule (every Friday) this school year and I’m so excited!

I really hope you enjoy this post as the style is a bit different and it is much more me <3

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A great way to motivate yourself is to think about what you can do when you’re done with whatever task you have to do. For example, you have to finish your math homework but when you’re done you can work on a drawing.

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If you want to finish something as fast as possible, try setting a timer for how long you think it will take and trying to beat the timer! It works best for the small, annoying tasks like making your bed, putting away laundry & cleaning that can drag on.

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Another way to get yourself going is to get inspired. That means if you need to clean, look up clean room photos, if you need to make a blog post, read a post, etc.

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When you’re working hard at something you should take breaks to try to keep yourself motivated and happy-ish. I recommend, depending on how intense the assignment is and how long its taking, 5-10 minute breaks every 30-60 minutes. During breaks you could eat, go on your phone etc. but make sure you go right back to your assignment (use a timer).

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If you’re not prioritizing what you’re doing and you run out of time, you won’t have the important things done. You would want to have your homework done before you do a blog post or clean your room, for example.

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Especially when you’re working on something you really don’t like, it can get so boring, so try to make it fun! Try listening to music, doing it in color, etc. Whatever you can do to try and put yourself in a better mood as you’re doing it will probably help your work be better.

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If you’re seriously not feeling it, you can try to start with something small just to get you going. Just one or two things, though, because this is likely not the most important thing on your list. Like if you have a lot of homework to do but you REALLY don’t want to, you can start by cleaning your desk and often that will motivate me to keep going and checking stuff off.

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The worst feeling is knowing you’re not going to finish something on your list, avoid this by making sure you don’t put too much on your list – be realistic. When I have too much on my list and feel overwhelmed, it makes me even less motivated and I do even less so just avoid that.

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Another reason I will not want to do something is when I have a big project and just don’t know where to start. When you get a project or big task, make a plan/break it up so you’re just working on one part of it at a time – way less overwhelming!

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What I do when I have an extremely busy day to keep up with or REALLY don’t want to do anything is make an in depth schedule. When there is so much you need to keep up with, so many things to do and places to go, you can fill in EVERYTHING you have to do that day. It also helps when you don’t want to do anything because there is always something you should be doing – no time to quit!

I hope these tips help you out as they have me!

<3 Carly

13 things i’ve learned at 13

1. You can’t please everyone. Pleasing yourself should be good enough.

2. Don’t think that “you’ll be happy when this happens” or “you’ll be happy when that happens”, or you’ll spend your whole life waiting to be happy.

3. If it doesn’t make you happy, why are you doing it?

4. Be kind to everyone because kindness has endless echoes.

5. Only keep the good ones.

6. Comparison will only take away happiness.

7. Negative friends will only bring you down.

8. Don’t waste your life dwelling on the past, it’s over.

9. There are always reasons to be happy.

10. Every little thing is a blessing; appreciate each one.

11. If you do your best, you will be proud.

12. Don’t stress out over what you can’t control.

13. Love yourself❣️

I hope you enjoyed this post and take something away from it.


” What is done with love is done well” – Van Gogh