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blog design tips and things to include:

you want your blog design to be really clear and simple, minimal blog layouts are the easiest to follow and if your blog is too hard to figure out, people will likely not follow or go back to it. i recommend using colors that aren’t too bright or neon but also blend really well and overall create an aesthetically pleasing design.!

two things that you HAVE to include in your layout is a follow (email list) button and a comment button to easily follow and comment on your posts!! make sure they are both easy to find and use. if they can’t find either button they will give up on following and commenting.

other ones i think are super important are is an instagram feed widget so people can see your posts and check it out easily and a pin it button on the images so they can get saved with your blog as the link and pinterest is the perfect way for people to find your blog!

another thing you should put in the header is your blog name and a few words about it.

being comfortable in front of the camera:

as for being more comfortable in photos and just in general, my best tip is to practice go-to poses in the mirror! if someone walks in this is going to look so weird buuut it really helps to know exactly how to pose so it’s much easier to get a good shot!

another quick tip is to always have a person that you are comfortable taking your photos and posing around. if it’s someone you don’t know much you’re likely to be less comfortable posing and it shows in the photos!

camera gear and essentials:

a lot of people will tell you that you need like 1,000 different expensive things to blog but i personally am just a broke teen so here’s the essentials.

my camera is the canon rebel t6 which is honestly an amazing camera!! it’s a dslr and has all the control settings you need to take great photos for your blog because the photos are so important. i also have a tripod that is really useful when i’m taking photos alone, it came in a set with my camera but honestly just get one off amazon i don’t feel the need for a fancy one.

i also bought a set of camera accessories that include a remote, another lens, some colored lens covers, and some other things that are super useful if i want to do a shoot or just take some creative shots.

the last big essential is a laptop, computer, etc! you need a big screen with lots of controls to edit all your posts and creating your site to perfection. i actually use my ipad to write all my posts since my laptop broke and it works lol! it’s a big ipad though so i have lots of room to work.

using social media:

+ instagram

my instagram is @carlyallisonxo and i’ve has it for over a year now. i basically use instagram stories as a diary to document each day in around 2-4 ish photos of food, places i’m going, quotes, outfits and just overall a little of what i’m doing! i recommend using locations, text, hashtags, gifs and all that good stuff because they make it much more interesting to look at and people can find your account through hashtags and locations. i actually get tons of views from locations and hashtags, whenever i post a photo of my journal and use the hashtag bujo i can get up to 1000 views from that hashtag alone!!

as for posts, i don’t post that often, maybe once a week because i truly believe in quality over quantity!! i make sure that each of my photos are edited the way i like (i’ll explain later on in the post.) and same as story i seriously recommend tagging your outfit, makeup, location, etc! also putting a location on it even if it’s just a general one like “seattle, washington” because that’s just another way people can see your posts who don’t follow you.

for captions i would say make sure you captions aren’t too long or too short. for me i make mine short and sweet, i’m not a big fan of the long ones but if you’re into that, go ahead! i’d also say to make sure it has something to do with the photo.

+ pinterest

my pinterest is @lovecarlyallison if you want to check it out but for pinterest i have just two simple tips that are such game changers…

the first one is to create pinterest images for all your posts! basically a pinterest image is a vertical image that includes at least one photo and the text title of your post and the link of the pin goes to the post. i make all mine on phonto which i talk about later but if you want an example, check out my pinterest or the bottom of each of my blog posts.

the second one is to simply pin things and use the app!! just being active on pinterest and creating nice boards and pinning stuff will get you more and more monthly viewers, therefore more people seeing your account, blog and pinterest images!

i honestly haven’t really gotten into using twitter for my blog yet but if you want you can follow my twitter for when i do @carlyallisonxo <3

working with brands:

i’ve worked with a few brands in the past but mostly zaful so i’ll share my tips on that! so basically i recommend creating a solid relationship with the brand first. once you have a relationship with them it’s much easier to work with them multiple times which is super cool! my other tip is to make sure that when you take photos of their stuff, make it your best quality always.

editing apps and how i use them:

lightroom- i actually edit every single one of my photos with lightroom!! i use either one of the filters i made for myself or the sarah mills presets which i bought and they were super cheap and i love them and i’ve been using them so much lately.

canon camera connect- this is just how i connect my phone to my camera to transfer the photos for editing, uploading, posting, etc, etc.

phonto- i use this to make my pinterest images and it’s great for any kind of text or images you want to add to photos. if you want examples of hw i use it just scroll to the bottom of any of my posts to find my pinterest images.

afterlight- this is the only app of this list that costs money, i believe it’s $2.99 but i bought it with a gift card. i use this to add dust to any of my photos because i’m obsessed with the dust look!

unum- this is going to sound so dumb but basically i use this to plan my instagram feed to know what pictures to post next. it’s free and actually really helpful to use to see how photos look together.

unfold and story luxe- i use these two to make those pretty layouts you often see on instagram stories! they are both free but i’ve bought some of the extra layout collections and they were only like $1.99 each. these just make everything look more aesthetic and professional.

my best advice and tips:

  • always act respectfully and classy when talking to other bloggers because your reputation will follow you
  • collaboration with other bloggers you know really well and are genuinely close with
  • don’t EVER comment on others posts “fff”, “f4f”, etc!! it’s annoying and you’re not going to gain genuinely from it and did i mention it’s annoying to have your whole comment section be people begging for follows.

i hope you babes enjoyed this post and have an amazing day!!

<33 carly🌿🕊🌞

Carly Allison

blogging about everything i love :)

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