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this post has actually been super super requested by you guys so of course i had to make a quick lil post on it! i bought my bullet journal at michaels and it was only $5 from michaels and it has plain dotted pages and a pink cover which i absolutely love! as for other supplies, i have a few tombow pens which i love including a black calligraphy pen which i’ve been trying to get better at lately. the other pens i use is a pack of zebra midliners which if you know anything about bullet journals, these are like iconic pens for it. i also love to print off lots of pictures from pinterest and glue these in to lots of pages.

introduction pages

the very first page in my journal is my intro page. for this page i just printed tons of photos off of pinterest and glued a bunch in. then i attempted to write my name in calligraphy and cut it out and glued in on top of all the photos. then to the right i made a page where i basically wrote all my goals and basically what i want in life. i made six main catagories; health, school, vball, friends & boys, jesus and blogging! then i just put my specific goals in each catagory and basically what i want to do in my future and my now.

june monthly spread

now on to my first monthly spread, which was june 2019. i decided to use monthly calendars only instead of weekly ones because i like to make to do lists on my phone when i need them and just write down the big plans like with friends or when a blog post is going up! basically i just use a calendar online to copy done a mini one into the journal. then i fill in the days and any big vacations or plans that i know about deep in advance. i use a different highlighter for each category of big things like blue for travel, green for blog posts and yellow for podcasts. then to the right of the calendar i make my habit trackers. i’ve been making two, one for bible study and one for not spending much time on my phone. when i just highlight the days were i did the habit and make a box around the days i don’t and this just inspires me to do my habits! then i glued in a little thing that i wrote down my goals for the month of june and i’m proud to say that i reached all them.

my thoughts & summer 2019 pages

the next page i made is simply titled, “my thoughts” and it’s basically just where i write down my thoughts. my mind can be super messy so i just think of things and thoughts that are really important or big about myself or my life so here’s where the go! the next page is my summer page. i’m literally loving summer so of course i had to make a page for it. the first thing on this page is bucket list, i did a blog post on my bucket list if you can’t read my writing here but i’ve been checking stuff off already. the next thing i have is what i titled “summer vibe” where i just wrote what kind of summer vibe i’m into for this year and i’ve been adding to it throughout summer. the last thing on this page so far is my little paper that says “a day in my life” where i just wrote down some of my favorite days of summer which i actually started in june cause why not!

july & august monthly spreads

the next two pages in my journal so far are my july and august monthly spreads. i did the same with each of these as my june one and printed out lots of photos that i glued in. i also used colored highlighters to highlight bigger plans and posts and podcasts. if you want some of these photos they are all on my pinterest. i haven’t done the outside of the august one yet but on the july one i added a paper for my to-do list for the month and of course my habit trackers! i also printed off this thing that said serendipity and the definition of it and i’ve had lots of instances of serendipity lately so this is super fitting cause i put this in forever ago! law of attraction babyyy!!

i hope this post inspired you for your bujo and you enjoyed!

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