a week of at-home workouts

hii, ever since quarantine started my volleyball season for club (and now school postponed sadly) have been cancelled and my gym is closed so i’ve been on my own for working out. i’ve gotten into my at-home workouts and found ones i really like so i thought i would share a weeks worth of them. these aren’t anything crazy since i just workout for fun/to stay active without any crazy goals. i kinda just do whatever workout i feel like doing each day however chill or intense that is! also here’s some pretty pictures from my beach walks this week.

monday- for monday’s workout i went for a run! i ran 3.6 kilometers at a comfortable (aka slow) pace around a local track and trail. quarantine got me running again, i used to do cross country back in middle school but barely ran outside of volleyball since. i’m pretty slow but that’s okay because i can run way farther than when i started back in may!

tuesday- i started off tuesday morning by going for a walk at the beach. i recently starting doing this early in the morning and it’s the best thing ever! the water is beautiful in the mornings and the walk is super quiet. i also did an anti-bloat/digestion yoga routine from youtube cause that stuff really really works.

wednesday– for wednesday’s workout i did my full body routine from this blog post! i compiled my favorite exercises into it. i love this love this workout because it’s one you will feel burn on.

thursday– thursday started off with another morning beach walk. i listen to podcast episodes on all of these and it’s the perfect start to my day. later on i did the alexis ren 10 min ab workout linked here. i love this workout because it’s super fast but definitely effective.

friday- friday morning i went for another run! i was honestly super exhausted and didn’t feel like running a ton which is all good, i ran about 2.5 km at a similar to monday, slow pace.

saturday- saturday i started off my day with another walk at the beach! i love going on these walks so i went on another one. i also did a yoga workout i kinda just made up in my head that focused on abs and arms.

sunday is probably going to be a rest day and i’ll most likely just do a quick yoga video! i hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it inspires you to find workouts that you love<3

xoxo carly

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