a few break days in my life

my winter break ended a few days ago and i wanted to do a post on a few days of the break. i today’s post is on almost a week of break from dec 30 – jan 2. i thought this would be a cute little post and i hope you guys enjoy<3


on monday, my friend who i hadn’t seen in a few months came to visit for a day! i really wanted to get a new photo or two for instagram so we did just that. we did a super fun photo shoot around my neighborhood and room and i was genuinely so impressed with the photos that came out of it all. although as you can tell by the last one, my posing needs some desperate help, i was scratching my nose… but the second one came out good!

later that evening, we decided we wanted to go thrifting. my family had some stuff to drop off at goodwill and i really wanted to go and thrift some new clothes so that’s exactly what i did. i bought the knit tank top in the photo, a pair of orange (maybe aligns) leggings and a purple button up that i later on cropped. when we got home we cropped some of the shirts we bought and were planning on cropping. the rest of our night was just watching netflix and eating snacks. she was actually the original one to get me on criminal minds so we just had to watch that.

tuesday (new years eve)

on new year’s eve i spent my morning relaxing at home with my family. i had a volleyball practice this day but it was like a short one but i still wanted to go. then since it was new year’s eve i went to my boyfriends house to spend it with him and his family! we kinda just hung out and ate thai food for a bit. then when it started getting closer to midnight we played games with his family. just a bit before 12 we watched the ball drop even though it was actually a few hours before but we recorded it cause pacific standard time type vibe.

wednesday + thursday (jan 1/2)

after i got home on wednesday aka new year’s day, my grandparents came to visit! every year on new year’s day they come to celebrate christmas with us and this year was no different. we had dinner and opened presents with them. it was a super nice day and i love them so much so i was super happy to see them.

then the next which was thursday, i went to seattle. my dad needed to drop off some stuff at his work and i had an appointment to go to. we took some photos and got food downtown. then i drove home and just spent the rest of my day watching gravity falls (yes i am a child) and doing some new years cleaning until practice that night. after practice i just showered and watched netflix.

i hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing day !!

xoxo carly

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