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this weekend i spent a good while studying for midterms and doing a bunch of assignments and projects teachers were cramming in for the quarter. i probably spent around 14 hours total doing all this homework but i also include some journaling, blogging and going to the gym so it’s not just stu(dying)!

saturday ☕️🍂✨

as for a productive morning, i started off by eating breakfast (bagel and fruit) and “getting ready”. i just made a comfy messy bun, filled in my eyebrows and a tiny bit of concealer! as for an outfit, i just wore a volleyball school t-shirt and a pair of nike shorts.

so basically i did all this over the span of two days because my friend came over for a super fun sleepover (post coming soon!) and the to-do list was…

  • french story cartoon
  • practice french presentation
  • study for history midterm
  • find time/day to take health final
  • read chapter 5 of the book for english + study for quiz
  • not exactly a task but i really to do a bible study video!
  • go to the gym
  • post blog post “photoshoot w/ me”
  • cell theory + organelles study guide
  • and take photos as you do (for this post!)

i had to write up a study guide/notes sheet for my cells/organelles test so i worked on that! i’m actually so proud of how nice this turned out because i wanted to make a really aesthetic page. basically i wrote down all the organelles and their functions, described cell theory and make venn diagrams for animal vs plant cells and eukaryote vs prokaryote cells. so fun!1!1! i actually genuinely enjoyed making this because i wanted to make it the best it could be!

then i worked on my french project, it was a story cartoon! so basically my partner and i wrote this 8-line story about a dragonfly and a sad dolphin that become friends and then i had to make a cartoon about it to present. so i just put on some netflix, looked up some cartoon dragonfly and dolphins and drew the cartoon!

it was around 12 by now so i made a yummy salad for lunch! it had cabbage, cilantro, these little crisps, almonds, more lettuce-type green stuff, shredded carrots and dressing. wow what a great description but i’m not too sure what exactly was in it. while eating my lunch i read a chapter of the book we’re reading in english and once i was done, wrote down some chapter notes and events to remember. i definitely recommend taking a few notes if you’re reading a book for a class because they can be super helpful later on and just help you understand and remember what’s going on better.

then it was time for me to puppy-sit for a few hours so i brought all my stuff downstairs! after i wanted to do some journaling and write down some goals. i also wrote a journal entry, goals and made a habit tracker!

check out this cutie aww

i also really wanted to do a bible study and there was this one from milena ciciotti and omg it was so amazing!! i seriously recommend this one so so much!! i’ve been loving her new series of bible studies, podcasts and doing my own un guided from the bible. i also drank a smoothie and took some notes along with the study.

lastly for saturday, i finished up my cartoons for the french story. i also studies the words and practiced them because we had to present. definitely wish i had practiced a bit more but that’s okay! then my friend came over and study time ended since i was having way too much fun for that.


after my friend left on sunday i first did some more journaling until my mom and sister got home to watch the seahawks football game!! after they did, we watched the game!! i make a point every sunday of relaxing and watching the game each time. i also typed a blog post during the half and after the game which was my last post, my “photoshoot w/ me”.

then, i had my lovely stu(dying) *coincidence i think not* for my history midterm/chapter test. i made myself a nice Quizlet and studied that for around an hour! the midterm/chapter test was about the renaissance, reformation and scientific revolution.

since i had completed all my homework and studying for the weekend i had extra time at the gym before youth group which was perfect because i hadn’t gone in a bit because of volleyball! i basically just did a butt and leg workout and now i’m a little dead but that means it was a good one 😉

lastly, for sunday night i went to youth group!! a super nice way to end off my week!! + this super cute sunset!!

i hope you all enjoyed and got some inspiration to get productive!! you got thisss💪🏻

<33 carlyy🌻☕️🌙

blogging about everything i love :)


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