recent photoshoots

over the last few weeks i’ve been doing a bunch of little fall shoots around my town with my friends and family and i thought it would be fun to share some of the photos i’ve taken of my friends and family along with some tips/how i took them! these are all just the raw, un-edited versions but if you’re wondering i have made my own presents on lightroom to edit.

got a little goofy on this shoot
tip: get really close and focus on different things

lights are really cool to either focus on or blur
another focused close up shot, eyes are really cool

don’t be afraid to add nature directly to photos
but far away shots with signs are just as cool

do anything to get the angle 💪🏻

focusing on faces and getting low

do whatever it takes to get the shot💪🏻
used a color tint lense for this photo

got low to use the tree tops, love this one of my sister
through the fence photos are so cuuteee

i love choosing exactly what to focus on!
get close ;))

blogging about everything i love :)

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