fall/autumn bucket list

  1. go to a football game
  2. visit a pumpkin patch
  3. find the perfect fall starbucks drink
  4. bake with your friends/family
  5. watch football at home
  6. drive though an area with lots of trees
  7. have a fall photoshoot
  8. bake a pumpkin pie
  9. jump in a pile of leaves
  10. play backyard football
  11. tell scary stories
  12. watch scary (or not) halloween movies
  13. have a game night
  14. sit by a fire
  15. crunch leaves
  16. have a game day party
  17. roast pumpkin seeds
  18. volunteer serving thanksgiving dinner
  19. make a thankful list
  20. carve pumpkins
  21. make banana/pumpkin bread
  22. watch a sunset
  23. & sunrise (easy if school starts early!)
  24. read by the fire
  25. go for walks/sit outside
  26. go apple picking
  27. participate in spirit week
  28. go to homecoming (y’all i’m hyped)
  29. bring a friend a hot drink
  30. go to a haunted house (rip me ah)
  31. decorate fall cookies/cupcakes
  32. decorate for fall
  33. combine some of this to make the perfect fall sleepover
  34. go to a halloween party
  35. make the perfect halloween costume
  36. start a journal
  37. drive through the mountains
  38. penpal/write a letter to a friend
  39. fluffy sweaters & messy buns
  40. stargaze
  41. find your favorite tea/cider
  42. take polaroids
  43. go to a sunflower field
  44. make an amazing fall playlist (i made one i really like, spotify @carlyallison)
  45. try a fall toned eyeshadow look
  46. & fall outfits
  47. start a new netflix show
  48. bond w/ family you don’t usually see at thanksgiving
  49. fairy lights & leaves
  50. go to the homecoming game!

lovee, carly


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