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If you’re anything like me you probably realize that school is coming soon or it already has and it’s stressing you out!! For me, I need to make a little checklist to prepare. Bottom line though is not to stress too much and remember that it goes by really quick, enjoy it and work hard! So basically here are just a few things I do to prepare for school almost every year. Before I get into this, I feel as if I’ve been a bit distant on here so I thought I’d give some updates! My summer has consisted of volleyball trainings, hanging out with lots of friends, going to long beach & ocean shores, camp for two weeks and sailing with my grandparents. I start school in September and for the rest of August I have volleyball tryouts, more plans with friends and going to Orcas Island! I’ve been spending so much time with the people I love and making memories this summer and I hope you have too 🙂

First off I feel like you have to finish off your summer if that makes sense! Finish your bucket list if you can and make sure you have a mindset that’s fitting for school. Think of things that get you excited for school such as a sport season coming, making new friends, autumn coming, football games, etc. Then you give yourself things to look forward to instead of just the negatives!! Remind yourself that you will still make memories this school year and give yourself goals. Another thing that might get you more excited for school is thinking of what outfit you’ll wear on the first day and (if you want to) what makeup you’ll do, this can just make it seem a little more fun to me!

Especially if you’re going to a new school, going to orientation is so important to know where things are and how your schedule is going to work. That’s probably the best way to make yourself feel more prepared for school, it’s the whole point of it and trust me, it’s really helpful. Another huge tip is to know where your classes are before the first day!! After getting your schedule, either find a map online or go to your campus and find out where they all are and how you’re going to get to them from the class before. This is key I think especially if it’s a new campus because the last thing you want is to get to class really late and have to explain you got lost!

Depending on if you have a list or not, at some point you’re going to need to buy your school supplies. For me I just buy like basic stuff like a backpack, notebooks, paper, pencils, binder and maybe some pens/highlighters and a calculator. For backpack essentials, make sure to add a ‘girl kit’ with everything from pads to lip balm and earbuds, phone charger, gum/snacks, sanitizer and a water bottle! Your teachers will also tell you when you gt your syllabus if there is anything specific but usually at my school that’s all you need! I also recommend buying clothes if you need new ones, especially a few go-to pairs of jeans and tee-shirts for everyday.

An obvious and basic tip but I recommend getting some form of planner, calendar or app and filling in all the dates whether it’s volleyball games, study dates, or plans with friends then you can add homework and tests to it once school starts and just make sure you know when everything is. This will just keep you not only feel more put together and less stressed but will help you be prepared for tests and projects. It also helps you find a routine, after-school routine, morning routine, school day routine, etc. This will again help you feel way less stressed and be able to just focus on the important things!

Another way to feel and be more prepared for school is to list school lunch ideas! At least at my school the lunches aren’t the best and none are vegan so I make a lunch everyday or else I have no food which would be a very sad day… Some of my favorites are quinoa with either beans and corn or veggies and tofu, salads, veggie sandwich, fruit + crackers +veggies w/ hummus and much more! Look up a bunch of these on Pinterest and maybe even make a board of it. You probably don’t want to hear but definitely try to fix your sleep schedule back to school time… I’m not excited to do this either but try going to bed an hour earlier and waking up an hour earlier or maybe more depending on how off your sleep is. This will help your body adjust and have you be less off once school starts and you’re waking up at 5 or 6am :/

Something so incredibly important to do is make a plan on how you’re going to get all your work done and balance it with everything else going on in your life!! I’m going to get more into this in my school advice q&a coming next week but my best tip is to do much as you can in class and be efficient because you’re there anyway so why don’t you do as much as possible then and leave yourself more time at home!! Doing this gave me much more free-time last year than any other year, I was easily able to hang out with people, take photos, blog, play volleyball, etc whenever.

I hope this post helped you out and these tips make you feel 10 times more prepared for school as they have me! Remember that it’s just school and do your best and don’t worry about the rest. I wish you all the best school year!!

Love, Carly

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    Great post! I actually just wrote a post like this on my blog 🙂 I definitely love the idea to write down lunch ideas before school starts – would definitely be good for meal prep! Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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