journal entry #1: changing your mindset & happiness

I wanted to start a bit of a new series where I basically just share my journal entries!! I’m a bit new to journalling and these posts are going to be very personal, straight from my journal word-by-word. These are going to be very raw and exactly what I wrote in my journal. I wrote this entry with bulleted points and not too much explaining so I hope you don’t mind a short post so hopefully this helps you out because it’s literally life-changing to change your mindset!!

  • you can always be happy if your mindset is
  • deleting/disabling/reducing social media is one of the best things you can do for you
  • counting your blessing and what you’re grateful for will make you so content and this is so important
  • understand that people online are living their own life and just because you aren’t on crazy vacations or have a bunch of fancy stuff, as long as you’re happy, who gives a frick
  • “i don’t have enough time”, you can always make time if you try and want to enough
  • if you can’t easily fix it then move on and put it out of your mind
  • live in the moment or you’ll regret it later
  • everything works out in the end, trust the process and just roll with it
  • there’s no fun in being uptight, be chill
  • you don’t need to share everything online, live in the moment and don’t worry about snapchatting it
  • “your mind can be a garden or a grave of thoughts”
  • do you truly enjoy everything you do? do you do anything just for show?
  • you just need to realize that everyone is beautiful in their own ways and nobody is more beautiful than someone else
  • would someone still be beautiful if everyone looked like them?
  • nobody is as critical of you as yourself
  • you just need to cut all negativity out of your life, people, activities, thoughts, accounts, objects, drama, etc.
  • “i lack nothing because i have everything, i have God”

xoxo Carly

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