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Everyone has so many things they want to do in a day but a lot of people don’t finish them all. Why? For me it’s because I didn’t manage my time and ended watching Netflix when I had a paper to write! You can honestly fit everything into a day if you just manage your time better.

When you think about it, everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. But why then can some people get everything done and others do almost nothing? It’s all about how you spend it!! Depending on how long your list is, it might just not be possible to do it all but if it is you NEED to prioritize!! For example you should do your huge assignment before doing something smaller or less important.

You have to take advantage of gaps! For example if you’re waiting to take a shower you can do something small like finish an algebra assignment instead of just going on your phone. I don’t know about you but I’m the type of person that much prefers to just get things over with! I’d rather just do the things I need to do and then get to fully enjoy the rest of my day without the stress of what I have left to do hanging over your head.

I think that everyone can say things like they don’t have enough time or are too busy to do something but really it’s that you prioritize other things over it. I recommend making a mental list of maybe the top 10 things that take up your time and think if that is something you wanted to spend that much time on or even do at all!

You can also mentally think of what you want to be taking up your time and maybe some goals for that. I made a section for faith, blogging, volleyball, friends/family/fun, health and school. Then inside of each section I made some goals and just anything I thought fit.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and these tips help you out!

<3 carly

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